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Bozzone & Ryf Crowned Inaugural Challenge Dubai Champions


Terenzo Bozzone and Daniela Ryf over powered the rest of the their respective field late into the bike and became the inaugural Challenge Dubai champions. Their win, the first in the Challenge Triple Crown, is the stepping stone in what could amount to a $1,000,000 payday at the end of the year if they win the next two races in the series. Challenge Oman is the next race in the series while Challenge Bahrain take place in December.

Bozzone and Ryf both win the $65,000 first place prize check.

2015 Challenge Dubai Results:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - February 27, 2015

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Terenzo Bozzone 3:45:45^
Daniela Ryf 4:05:01
Tim Reed (was 4th) 3:46:35
Heather Wurtele 4:09:21
Michael Raelert (was 2nd) 3:46:49^
Helle Frederiksen 4:11:43
Bart Aernouts (was 6th) 3:47:13
Jodie Swallow 4:13:35
Martin Jensen (was 7th) 3:47:19
Annabel Luxford 4:15:55
Eneko Llanos (was 8th) 3:47:20
Alicia Kaye 4:19:47
Domenico Passuello (was 9th) 3:48:04
Meredith Kessler 4:22:41
Trevor Wurtele 3:49:06
Leanda Cave 4:25:22
Manuel Küng (was 3rd) 3:49:39^
Svenja Bazlen 4:25:57
Joe Gambles 3:50:23
Lauren Brandon 4:27:39
  ^ = penalty assessed      

Penalties were handed out before the awards ceremony, causing a re-shuffle of the men's pro standings. A 4 minute penalty was added to the times of those who had taken an inadvertent shortcut. The penalty moved Tim Reed into second place, thus moving Michael Raelert down to third. Manuel Küng dropped from 3rd to 9th place. Andy Potts and Ben Collins were completing knocked out of the Top 10, thus giving Trevor Wurtele and Joe Gambles a Top 10 finish.


Photo credits: Stephen Pond
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