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The End of the World's Premier Professional Triathlon teamTBB


Back in December of 2006, Alex Bok founded the world's premier professional triathlon team, teamTBB, with the help from The Bike Boutique, a triathlon store in Singapore. Bok's vision for the team was to provide an opportunity for young athletes to transition from amateur athletes to a full-time professional athletes.

The team invited and included countless athletes from all around the world over the last 8 years. With the help of triathlon coach Brett Sutton, the team went on to crown 5 World Championships, including 3-time World Champion Chrissie Wellington who was with teamTBB from 2007-2008. On 1 November 1st, 2013, Sutton announced that he would resign from teamTBB effective January 1st, 2014.

During it's time the team expanded from one main team to several country based teams. In June of 2014, teamTBB announced that it was re-launching its team for the 2014/2015 season but now 6 months later comes the news that the teamTBB has officially been terminated.

Here is the official news from teamTBB:

All good things come to an end sometimes. teamTBB has officially been ended on Dec 31st, 2014

Thank you to each and every one who has been involved with teamTBB since the humble beginnings in December 2006.

Its been an amazing experience for athletes, coaches, sponsors and founders.

We have worked relentlesly and were driven by passion these past 8 years to implement our mission of providing hope and opportunity through sports.

I know this goal was achieved year in year out.

This team provided many young peolple in countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, Netherlands, USA, Brazil, UK, Australia, Belgium, Japan and Germany an opportunity to live their dream, become a full time athlete and be the best they could be.

We have provided more than 100 development athletes a helping hand in the challenging step from amature athlete to professional athlete.

In the process teamTBB produced some 5 World Champions, 49 Ironman Champions (last teamTBB Ironman Champion was Diana Riesler in Sept 2014 in Malaysia) and 100+ other major race wins around the world.

There are however more good causes in world that are in need of support and resources, to mention just one; orphanages in the North of Thailand.

I therefore believe it was only fair to close one door gracefully before opening a new door without spreading time and efforts too thin.

Our team website will be updated over the next few weeks to pay respect and say thank you to the many people and sponsors that have helped teamTBB succeed in its goals for all those years.

I'm grateful for the experiences these past 8 years have provided me to see the passion, commitment and will-power people can produce to fulfill their dreams.

It shows when we put our minds to something and really are willing to put in our best effort and hard work, we can create miracles!

I wish all of you who were part of this entire journey a healthy, happy and sucessful 2015. If we can all focus our own efforts on providing some hope and love to someone in need and those close around us, it will become an amazing year!

As written by Victor Hugo in the musical Les Miserables: "To love another person is to see the face of God".

Wishing you a love filled 2015!
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