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IRONMAN Introduces Full Refund Plan for U.S. Races

ironman-full-refund-planIRONMAN has announced a new Full Refund Plan or Insurance for race registration refunds. The Full Refund Plan is an optional registration reimbursement program that provides registered participants protection for otherwise non-refundable registration expenses if they are unable to participate in certain IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 events in the U.S. due to unforeseen qualified reasons.

If you are unable to participate in certain IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 events in the U.S. you must notify the plan administer Stonebridge Benefit Services, Inc., a Transamerica Company as soon as possible or no later than 60 days after the race date by submitting a refund request form, along with the appropriate supporting documentation, that shows you were unable to participate in the event to be eligible for a full refund

Athletes will have the option to purchase the Full Refund Plan during the registration process for all U.S. IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 races.

The Full Refund Plan offers athletes additional flexibility, joining our existing Partial Refund Policy (for IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events) and Transfer Policy (for IRONMAN events only).

What this plan offers:
You may receive a full refund of the registration fees you paid if you are unable to participate due to an injury, illness, pregnancy or childbirth, unanticipated active duty deployment, unexpected covered travel delays, a family member's pregnancy or childbirth, a family member's loss of life, injury or illness.

What is not covered:
This Plan does not cover intentionally self-inflicted injury or self-inflicted sickness, physical complications resulting from alcohol or substance abuse, or natural disasters.
What you must do to claim a refund:

How to get a refund?
You will need to submit a refund request form along with documentation that shows that you are unable to participate in the event. In the case of an injury, illness or pregnancy, you must see a Qualified Medical Practitioner as defined by the terms and conditions of the Plan. The Qualified Medical Practitioner must advise you not to participate in the event and needs to sign your refund request form.

How to purchase:
For a fee of $40 for IRONMAN 70.3 races and $90 for IRONMAN races, athletes can purchase the Full Refund Plan at the time of registration only.

For additional details, FAQs or a copy of the refund request form visit: www.ironman.com/full-refund-plan.aspx
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