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Introducing the New Cobb Cycling JOF Randee Saddle


John Cobb has spent over two years developing the all new Cobb Cycling Randee saddle, the second offering in the JOF ('Just Off Front') lineup. This saddle was specifically designed to address certain needs within the Triathlon and Road market.

Randee is short for Randanneur, designed for the long distance riders, the riders that go out and ride several hundred miles over a weekend, Gran Fondo riders that like to put in hard fast miles. This short nosed saddle uses a new base design and new material selections, this saddle gives unmatched adjustability and a wide 155mm rear support area. The nose is only 48mm wide so that as the rider positions themselves "just off the front" on this seat, there is no chaffing but plenty of pressure relief and support.

Lightweight at 306gr. especially compared to the favorite "leather" saddles, this new saddle has a deep curved rear that makes it be a great choice for Ironman racing or all day touring.

About Cobb Cycling:
Founded in 2009, Cobb Cycling offers a full line of bicycle seats for all riders on both professional and amateur levels. John Cobb's innovative seat designs provide increased comfort, impacting speed and performance. Cobb Cycling is a privately held company headquartered in Tyler, Texas. For more information on Cobb Cycling, please visit us at www.CobbCycling.com, or call (903) 253-8555.