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Advanced Swim Workout & Training Platform to Launch at Swim.com

swimdotcomSan Jose, CA (June 16, 2014) - Swim.com, the world's most advanced swim workout and training platform, started in pre-beta today to select swimmers across the U.S. The training site becomes the first-ever swim activity platform compatible with all the major swim wearables.

While the popularity of social fitness and workout tracking has boomed of late, never before has there been a comprehensive swim platform, which syncs data from a variety of the leading wearables in order to track, share and compare an individual's workouts in the pool.

"Swimming can be a lonely sport even in a busy pool, but we've built a platform that brings swimmers together and allows individuals to track and compare their workouts with others online," said Davis Wuolle, VP, Product for Swim.com. "We've seen the popularity of this model in sports like running and cycling. Now with the wide variety of wearables on the market, such as the Pebble Smartwatch, we can offer swimmers an environment to compete, challenge and compare with others across Swim.com."

Swim.com currently supports the Garmin Swim, Garmin fēnix™ & fēnix2™ and Garmin 910xt, Finis Swimsense™ and the Swimovate Poolmate Pro line of products - and will roll out compatibility for the popular Pebble Smartwatch later this summer. The beta version will launch for desktop, with iOS and Android Swim.com apps to follow.

"Swim.com is committed to being the leading platform for the entire swim wearable ecosystem as more and more smartwatches, wearables and other waterproof tracking devices are introduced," said Wuolle.


The core features of Swim.com include swim activity tracking, competition through leaderboards, the ability to share workouts and achievements through social media, and connecting with others in the swim community through clubs and facilities. Swim.com syncs the data collected by an associated wearable during a swim and displays it in a simple, clean and informative manner.

"In the past, wearables and smartwatches in the swim space were focused on data collection for analysis sake, but now we've built an ecosystem to share and motivate," says Wuolle. "For swimming, this could become a very powerful motivational tool, just like we've seen in cycling circles."

Product chief Wuolle is a former Canadian national swim champion. Swim.com's parent company is Spiraledge, a San Jose-based technology company.

To visit swim.com and request an invite, go to www.swim.com

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