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Patchnride Tool Helps Fix a Bike Tire Flat in 60 Seconds


One of the things that can ruin our triathlon training or race is a darn flat tire while on the bike. On top of that if you are under pressure to fix it fast you might end up with a pinch flat and further delay your ride. Now there is a new product to help solve the problem, it's called Patchnride.

Per their website, the simple, portable tool lets you easily and permanently fix a flat tire without having to remove the tire, thus getting the job done quickly and letting you get right back on the bike. All you need to do is insert the device into the hole, pull back on the switch, and then pump your tire up. Unlike Slime Tire Sealant which can be heavy to carry and messy while fixing your tire, the Patchnride is a tool small enough to keep in your bike jersey pocket.


You can fix both tubular and clincher flats on your bike in less than 60 seconds and you don't have to be a bike expert to get it done!

The company says the tool will fix punctures up to 3mm in size and work with just about any bicycle tire, be it a cruisers, mountain or road bikes, as long as its wheels run on inner tubes.

The Patchnride kit includes a leak detector, which is essentially a liquid solution and a cloth to find the leak.

To fix the flat, find the leak, pinch the tube and insert Patchnride tool's pointed tip into the puncture with a twisting motion. Using a thumb slider, Patchnride injects a patch and adhesive called a "patch pod" from a single use cartridge into the puncture. You then pump the tube full of air which causes it to press the patch against the underside of the tire and lock it in place, leaving the hole sealed.


The Patchnride was founded and developed by a group of passionate cyclists ranging from road racers, endurance athletes, mountain bikers, commuters and pleasure riders.

The Patchnride flat tire tool which includes two patch pods and two leak detectors can be pre-ordered for 50% off through the company's website and is priced at $30 USD which includes $5 for shipping. Shipping is planned for September 2014. Additional patch pods will be priced at $12 USD.

The Patchnride demonstration video: