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The Well-Built Triathlete Book via Triathlon Coach Matt Dixon

well-built-triathlete-book-matt-dixonIn his debut book The Well-Built Triathlete, elite triathlon coach Matt Dixon reveals the approach he has used to turn age-group triathletes into elite professionals and champions. With over 150 championships and podium finishes in Ironman(r) and Ironman 70.3(r) events over the past five years, purplepatch Fitness athletes are proof that the methods in The Well-Built Triathlete can improve performance season after season. The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential into Performance will be available this June in bookstores, tri shops, and online. Preview the book at www.velopress.com/dixon or www.purplepatchfitness.com.

Matt Dixon's triathlon training program breaks new ground in the sport, introducing a new, comprehensive approach that builds the whole athlete for stronger performance. Dixon details the four pillars of performance that form the foundation of his highly successful purplepatch fitness program, showing triathletes of all abilities how they can become well-built triathletes and perform better year after year.

The Well-Built Triathlete does not focus narrowly on workouts and training, but instead gives equal weight to training and workouts, recovery and rest, workout and daily nutrition, and functional strength and mobility. Dixon reveals his pragmatic approach to improving technique, skills, workouts, and training. Self-assessments will help triathletes identify personal weaknesses to improve. Swim, bike, and run chapters reveal no-nonsense ways to train more effectively. Dixon offers several ways to set up a season's training plan, including sample training blocks for Ironman, Ironman 70.3, and Olympic distances, and lays out a path for continuous improvement every year.

Dixon's whole-athlete approach to triathlon will help triathletes become greater than the sum of their workouts. By becoming better all-around athletes, well-built triathletes will train and race faster than ever.

Table of contents:

1 Building a Foundation for Athletic Performance

Part I: Pillars of Performance
2 Stress & Endurance Training
3 Recovery
4 Nutrition
5 Functional Strength

Part II: Endurance Training
6 Swimming in Triathlon
7 Cycling in Triathlon
8 Running in Triathlon

Part III: Turning Potential into Performance
9 Mapping Your Path to Performance
10 Setting Up Your Plan for Training
11 Racing
12 What Experience Tells Me

The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential into Performance
by Matt Dixon
Paperback with 2-color interior. Charts and illustrations throughout.
7 3/8" x 9 1/4", 368 pp., $24.95, 9781937715113

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About Matt Dixon:
Matt Dixon is an exercise physiologist and an elite triathlon coach. He is founder and president of purplepatch fitness, a fitness and coaching company that caters to triathletes and endurance enthusiasts of all levels, from world champions to beginners. Dixon is a former professional triathlete and two-time Olympic trials finalist in swimming. He has a master's degree in clinical and exercise physiology and contributes regularly to Triathlete, LAVA, Outside, and USA Triathlon magazines. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Men's Journal, Outside, Men's Fitness, and Men's Health.

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