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Quintana Roo Adds Bike Rental at Ironman Events

rentQR-logo.pngQuintana Roo has announced that they will begin a bike rental program geared around the IRONMAN race series in North America, beginning with the IRONMAN Texas race on May 17, 2014. QR will make their full range of tri-specific bikes available at a dozen IRONMAN events via an online reservation system at RentQR.com or a link through the individual IRONMAN race sites.

The rental service as provided by QR will address the concern of many athletes who wish to ride a pro-grade race bicycle at a destination event but face the dual challenges of travel expense and logistics with their current bikes. The QR staff will be on-hand at all IRONMAN events where rental service is available to service and fit bicycles, as well.

'We've had requests for this at almost every race we've attended over the last three years, ' said Peter Hurley CEO of American Bicycle Group, parent company of QR. 'When you look at the cost of traveling with a bike, the need for a bike case, and the confidence necessary to pack it safely, this is a great solution.'

QR will increase its presence at IRONMAN events for the next three years with an increased footprint and expanded service offerings to triathletes. The rental program is an easy way for an athlete to upgrade their bike for race day without having to spend $7,000 or more for the latest gear.


'There are a bunch of different ways for athletes to transport their bike to a race,' added Mac McEneaney, Director of Sales and Marketing for Quintana Roo, 'but I think a lot of athletes don't want to be without their bike for the two weeks it typically takes to ship. Additionally, we have had dozens of international athletes approach us at race expos asking for this option. We think it will be a success.'

Triathletes who visit RentQR.com will have the chance to review bike choices and place a reservation. Each confirmed registration will be accompanied by a fit review session with a certified QR staff member to confirm the size of bike and fit requirements of the athlete prior to the event.