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Sleek & Stylish Race Wheels from Tantalus Cycling


You have the need for speed but don't have the funds to step up your game. The price on carbon wheels goes up as technological advances on race wheels are made, so what is one to do? This is the common dilemma many cyclists and triathletes have. Solutions would be to wait until the old wheels go on sale, buy a pair of used wheels or now check out what Tantalus Cycling has in store.

Tantalus Cycling is a start-up company that believes in cycling. They want to unite other inspired athletes with stylish, high performance gear that is within their budget, and doesn't stop them from racing competitively. Their goal is to provide sleek and stylish race wheels that inspire and ignite the passion to be the best one can be. They want to offer this at an affordable price as they know how prohibitive race wheels can be.

Tantalus Cycling is the dream project of husband and wife, Matt and Laura Radniecki from Minnesota. For their dream to become a reality they have moved forward with a Indiegogo funding campaign to raise $7,500 in 30 days. The funds will be used to help get Tantalus off the ground and start building an initial inventory.

To take on the competition they have two different wheel sets to fuel athletes need for speed:


-- Tantalus Velox 8 --

The Tantalus Velox 8 wheels are the deepest 700c clincher wheel set we offer. Velox 8's have a rim profile coming in at 88 mm and constructed from 3K tow carbon fiber. The Velox 8's are made for pure aerodynamic performance! They weigh in at approximately 66 ounces.

-- Tantalus Velox 6 --

The Tantalus Velox 6 clincher wheel set maximizes stability while maintaining a deep aerodynamic profile. This 700c wheel set has a rim profile depth of 60mm and is also constructed with 3K tow carbon. The shallower rim profile provides for greater stability in crosswinds. It can also be the perfect aero setup for someone not quite ready for the shiftiness that the Velox 8's can present in high winds. Velox 6's weigh in at approximately 60 ounces, thus making them a lighter wheel set than the Velox 8's. If you are racing on a course with some serious up and down terrain, the Velox 6's are a great setup.

-Both the Velox 8 and the Velox 6 are built with 20 spoke holes on the front wheel and 24 spoke holes on the rear wheel.

-All Velox wheels are built with Novatec hubs and cnSpoke Aero Spokes.

-You will have the option of choosing between a glossy finish or a matte finish on the 3K carbon with either wheel set.

-You will have the option of choosing between a Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo 9/10 cassette body.

How can they offer high performance race wheels much cheaper than the competition? Well in order to accomplish their goals, they are utilizing existing technology as well as existing manufacturers to supply their wheels. They have used them, they have raced with them, and they have tested and compared them with others. They say they know they are everything they believe them to be and want to share them with everyone.

Special Funding offers:

• The first three supporters to fall in love with Tantalus Cycling and support at the $850 level will get their hands on a brand new set of Tantalus Velox 8's.

• If you miss the gun on the limited $850 perk special but you're still interested in seeing what a set of Velox 8's can do for your racing game? No worries! The $950 perk will get you up and riding at the front

• The first three to support at the $800 level will each be sent a set of Velox 6's to charge the field with! After that, anyone supporting at the $900 level will receive a set.

For more information on the Indiegogo campaign visit this link. For more on Tantalus Cycling visit www.tantaluscycling.com on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/tantaluscycling or on Twitter @tantaluscycling.