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2013 Ironman All World Athlete Champions Announced


After a successful year of competition, IRONMAN is proud to announce the overall All World Athlete™ (AWA) Champions for each Age Group category. IRONMAN® triathlon athletes received the AWA designation in their age groups by competing in multiple events and earning Age Group Ranking points throughout the 2013 season. Racers were rewarded for their top three performances throughout the year with the combined points determining the champion for each division.

The 28 overall AWA Champions represented nine different countries with 14 champions hailing from the United States (eight female, six male). Australia had the second-most champions with five (four female, one male), while Canada and Switzerland rounded out the top three with two champions each. The most represented state was New York which was represented by three champions (two female, one male).

Over 14,500 athletes worldwide accrued enough points to earn the designation All World Athlete. The United States led the AWA country standings with 5,758 athletes, followed by Australia (1,818), Canada (902), Germany (783) and the United Kingdom (592).

Globally launched in 2013, the Age Group Rankings program offers age-group athletes a way to earn points based on their race finishes and to measure their race performances against their fellow competitors regionally, as well as from around the world, in one cumulative system.

For full results, more information or to see a list of frequently asked questions about the IRONMAN Age Group Ranking Program, go to www.ironman.com/ranking. Inquiries about the program may be directed to agr@ironman.com. For media-related inquiries, contact media@ironman.com.

Male Country Age Group Female Country
Tim Russell U.S.A.
Carolina Dementiev Panama
Samuel Murphy New Zealand
Alyssa Godesky U.S.A.
Simon Schober Switzerland
Sonja Wieck U.S.A.
Ivan O Gorman U.S.A.
Valentina Kislukhina Russian Federation
Olaf Kasten Hong Kong
Karen Ponette-Maldonado U.S.A.
Keish Doi U.S.A.
Sue Aquila U.S.A.
Sten Orsvärn Sweden
Mary Mitchell Australia
John Hill Australia
Nancy Cullen Australia
Richard Tout Canada
Beryl Wilson Australia
Hermann Hefti Switzerland
Karla Mckinlay Australia
Milos Kostic Canada
Cheryl Woodworth U.S.A.
John Weber U.S.A.
Harriet Anderson U.S.A.
Lew Hollander U.S.A.
Madonna Buder U.S.A.
Ricky James U.S.A.
Kristina Ament U.S.A.