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Sprinting Ahead: 2575 Columbus Expands 2575 Series in the US

2575 Columbus triathlonMiami Tri Events, the Miami-based multisport event organizer is expanding its 2575 Triathlon Series within the United States with the addition of the scenic city of Columbus, Ohio. The new 2575 Columbus event is scheduled to hit the ground running on August 17, 2014.

In addition to its domestic US expansion, the 2575 Triathlon Series has also developed internationally, with events in Costa Rica, as well as plans to add events in Brazil and Argentina.

The new 2575 Columbus event will be produced in conjunction with Endurance Sports Productions, a race production company known for its high quality events in Ohio and the surrounding region.

"Ohio is a state where the sports industry is part of the culture," said Wilber Anderson, CEO of Miami Tri Events. "2575 Triathlon Series brings a high quality standard to create a race that not only promotes triathlon, but a different way of life."

"We are very excited to be part of the 2575 International Triathlon Series for athletes of all abilities, especially beginners, who all will have the opportunity to not only compete locally, but also in the 2575 Championship against participants from other 2575 events," added Endurance Sports Productions President, Monica Sencio.

"We look forward to providing a quality event that will be of value to the participants and to the community."

Miami Tri Events notes that the 2575 Series is unlike any other. From beginner triathletes to professional athletes - all 2575 Series races not only measure the ability of athletes to complete a triathlon, but the fast-and-furious sprint distance format also challenges them to test their speed.

The 2575 Series merges some of 'the most beautiful courses, the rush of the sport, and the challenge to show that you really are the fastest.'

Athletes that participate in any 2575 Series event of the series may qualify for the 2575 Championship. In order to qualify, athletes must place in the top five for either their age group or category in a previous 2575 Triathlon Series event. Once qualified, the athletes line up and race to prove they are really the fastest of the fast.

Miami Tri Events also notes that 2575 Columbus will create a large economic flow for the City of Columbus and its wider region. 'This will not just be another sporting event; this event will attract not only local athletes but it will also become an internationally acclaimed event.'

For more information on 2575 Columbus, please visit www.2575columbus.com. Visit www.2575tri.com for info on the 2575 Triathlon Series.
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