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Challenge Family &The Sufferfest Join Forces on Training Video


Banishing indoor training boredom forever, The Sufferfest and Challenge Family have today released a world-first first run/bike training video designed specifically for triathletes and featuring professional racing. The video, Chrysalis, is a one-hour high-intensity interval session featuring footage from the iconic Challenge Roth, the largest long-distance triathlon in the world.

Available as a download from TheSufferfest.com, and designed to be used together with a stationary bike and treadmill, Chrysalis takes the viewer through a warm-up and then into a series of four run/bike brick sessions. Each brick features four minutes of running and eight minutes of cycling, with 30-second transitions between each. The workout, designed by elite coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching, features a variety of intensities as athletes attempt to follow the pace of best triathletes in the world as they compete on the world-record Challenge Roth course.

"For years, our videos have helped cyclists make massive gains in fitness through high-intensity, structured interval workouts featuring the world's best races," said David McQuillen, Founder & CEO of The Sufferfest. "Now, with Challenge Family, we're very proud to offer triathletes the first of several truly unique and powerful workouts that will help them move to the next level in their fitness."

"The Sufferfest is one of a kind and renowned for its quality indoor workouts. We're excited to partner with The Sufferfest in a world first for triathletes bringing a total indoor workout together with added inspiration from the world's elite triathletes competing at Challenge Roth, the world's greatest race!" said Felix Walchshöfer, Challenge Family CEO. "This partnership continues our commitment to providing the ultimate experience for our athletes, both on and off the race course."


Chrysalis marks the start of a series of videos featuring Challenge Family races around the world and is available here: www.thesufferfest.com/video-sufferfests/chrysalis

Check out the The Sufferfest / Challenge Chrysalis triathlon training video trailer:

The Sufferfest - Trailer - Chrysalis (Triathlon) from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

About The Sufferfest
The Sufferfest makes the world's best cycling training videos. Featuring structured workouts, clear instructions, the world's best races and killer soundtracks. The cycling collection of 16 Sufferfest videos have sold in more than 70 countries around the world and more than 110,000 'Sufferlandrians' follow the cult brand on Facebook. The Sufferfest Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company and can be found at TheSufferfest.com and Sufferlandria.com.

About Challenge Family
The Challenge Family series of triathlons now features 24 full and half distance races around the world, including the world's largest long distance triathlon - Challenge Roth in Germany. The birthplace of the Challenge Family, Challenge Roth now features over 5,500 athletes and 220,000 spectators and home to both world records held by Andreas Raelert (GER) and Chrissie Wellington (GBR). Since 2002, races throughout Europe, UK, Australasia, Asia and North America have joined Roth. Together they provide athletes with a new experience of long distance racing with a strong focus on athlete and spectator experience, giving back to the community while respecting the legacy of sport and being committed to its continued growth. For further information on Challenge Family visit www.challenge-family.com.