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Scott Tinley & Mike Plant Launch Triathlon Hisotry Website

trihistorylogo.pngFormer triathlon journalist Mike Plant and two-time Ironman world champion Scott Tinley have launched trihistory.com, a website the two men hope "will create a collaborative and on-going narration of triathlon's past - a history of the sport both as it was told at the time, and as it is viewed with a contemporary perspective."

"Mike and I feel the same about our disparate but connected pasts in the sport," Tinley said. "We could not have been more fortunate to be cast into those early cauldrons, to be standing on the swampy sands of Fiesta Island looking at each other and just laughing at how much damn fun this really hard new sport could be. There was something about triathlon and perhaps it's only now that we can all step back and ask WTF was that all about?"

In the early going, trihistory.com will rely heavily on the personal archives of Plant and Tinley: articles, photographs, relationships and personal narratives. But the two founders hope to quickly introduce a diverse group of journalists, photographers, athletes, race directors, promoters, etc. with interesting stories to tell about how triathlon came to be what it is today. As a first step in that direction, the featured photo gallery is by photographer Dave Epperson, who chronicled the sport in the 1980's and 90's.

"Scott and I personally own volumes of historically significant information - and have access to a lot more" Plant said. "Most of it was seen originally by a relatively small audience; some of it was never published at all. I see this site as kind of a big scrapbook, personally narrated by the people who were there at the time."


Scott Tinley was a member of the "Big Four" (Tinley, Dave Scott, Scott Molina and Mark Allen), a group that dominated the sport through most of its first decade and beyond. His duels with friend and rival Scott Molina at the early Bud Light U.S. Triathlon Series events were legendary; his two victories in Kona cemented his reputation as one of the most versatile triathletes of all time. For many years, his thoughtful, often philosophical feature essays were published in Triathlete Magazine, Outside, Men's Journal, and CBS News/Sports. Tinley's six published books (the first of which was written with Mike Plant) represent the arc of his literary career. Currently Tinley, who earned his Ph.D. in Cultural Studies in 2012, conducts research and teaches sport humanities courses at San Diego State University and Cal State San Marcos.

Mike Plant is the author of "Iron Will," a history of the Hawaii Ironman. He was the founding publisher of the San Diego Running News (later Running & Triathlon News), arguably the first publication in the U.S. to cover triathlon as a bona fide sport. He wrote the cover story about the October 1982 race in Kona for the inaugural edition of Triathlon and became a contributing editor for that publication and others. A trained photojournalist, Plant's photography and feature articles appeared in a variety of national publications throughout the 1980's and 90's. His "Plant Report" was a pre-electronic blog-type publication that covered the business side of multisport, with subscribers in 20 countries. He is currently the founder and president of MPA Event Graphics.