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Back to Back Wins for Vabrousek at Israman Triathlon

Petr Vabrousek 2014 IsramanPetr Vabrousek and Nina Pekerman take the 2014 Israman Negev Eilat triathlon titles in the Israeli resort city of Eilat. Vabrousek wins back to back titles, staying ahead of local Israeli favorite Tom Marmarelli. On the women's side former champ Irina Mazen again finishes in 2nd place, this time behind Pekerman.

Vabrousek "I love this race even though it's one of the toughest races I have ever done."

Nearly perfect conditions helped Vabrousek shed nearly 30 minutes off his winning time last year which was 10:22:37.

Edo Van Der Meer from the Netherlands win the Half with a time of 4:35:29 while Alice Hector from Great Britain wins the women's race. For Hector it was her first triathlon after taking a break from the sport to focus on ultra distance running events. The Israeli olympic distance national champ twin brothers, Ran and Dan Alterman finished 3rd and 4th in their first ever half iron distance triathlon event after taking a few years off from racing.

The full distance triathlon event (S: 3.8km, B: 180km, R: 42.2km) in Eilat features an early morning swim in the Red Sea. At first light athlete start the race to make sure they finishing the bike discipline before it gets dark out. Organizers have strobe lights on the turn buoys to guide the athletes. They then head out through the city streets on their way to their initial challenge, a 10km climb in the Eilat Mountains. The other challenge is the wind and cooler temperatures athletes can experience on the ride. Perfect conditions greeted athletes this year, especially after last years rain and wind. It's two loops along the Israeli and Egypt border for the 180km ride which takes athletes through the desert with scenic mountain range views. Athletes then finish their ride in the mountains at T2, which brings athletes to their other difficult challenge, running down the 10km climb they did to start the race. If they go to fast down the hills their legs might not have what it takes to finish the rest of the 32km run throughout the city.

2014 Israman Eilat Results:
Eilat, Israel - January 17, 2014

Men's Results - Full Time
Women's Results - Full Time
Petr Vabrousek (CZE) 09:55:30
Nina Pekerman (ISR) 11:17:42
Tom Marmarelli (ISR) 10:01:12
Irina Mazen (ISR) 11:33:30
Nir Menachem (ISR) 10:04:22
Suzsanna Harsanyi (HUN) 12:16:28
Gergely Nagy (HUN) 10:21:13
Keren Meretz (ISR) 12:31:28
Martin Krupicka (CZE) 10:24:58
Michal Mor (ISR) 12:33:55
Men's Results - Half Time
Women's Results - Half Time
Edo Van Der Meer (NED) 4:35:29
Alice Hector (GBR) 5:00:46
Gergo Molnar (HUN) 4:45:40
Antonina Reznikov (ISR) 5:41:19
Ran Alterman (ISR) 4:52:57
Ayelet Ben David (ISR) 6:04:42
Dan Alterman (ISR) 4:54:08
Lilach Bar Natan (ISR) 6:11:28
Avishay Raviv (ISR) 5:02:18
Dora Heller (ISR) 6:12:13

Some 1,200 triathletes from 26 countries where on hand for the 2014 running of the Israman triathlon in Eilat. Some 200 athletes were brave enough to try and conquer what is considered one of the toughest iron distance races in the world, while the remaining athletes set out to conquer the just as tough half iron distance event which also features relay teams.


Alice Hector savoring her victory at the finish line.


Athletes in the Israman half start the swim just after first light


One of the zig zags athletes encounter in their initial 10km climb out of T1


Tom Marmarelli passes the an Israeli military checkpoint on the bike course on his way to T2


Petr Vabrousek flying down hill near the end of the 10km descent on the run


Triathletes who dared to conquer the course elements and finish the race deserve this triathlon finisher medal