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Triathlon Training & Race Venue Coming to Fruition?

triathlontrainracesite.jpgCould it be? Back in 2011 there was a survey going around asking athletes if they would be interested in triathlon training and race venue concept being proposed. The concept was to build a self-contained triathlon training and racing preserve located on a 1,000+ acre tract of land. (Interesting Triathlon Training and Race Venue Concept)

Now according to a article from WECT6, plans have been submitted to build an 11 acre triathlon training and event center in Pender County, North Carolina.

Some of the highlights mentioned before included:

• A custom built 35 acre crescent shaped spring fed lake, with crystal clear water, permanent lane ropes throughout the course, large numbered buoys with distances, permanent life guard stands in the middle of the course, and a paved walkway around the entire perimeter of the lake.
• A specially designed 14 mile bike loop that is 14 feet in width (2 feet wider than a standard interstate lane) and features ultra smooth asphalt paving, softly banked turns (there are no corners on the course), and a permanent aid station designed like a NASCAR pit area.
• A custom built 6.5 mile asphalt run course with permanent aid station gazebos at each mile point.

"It would include a 14 mile bike course, 6.5 mile running trail, and a 25 acre lake that would be built."

"If approved, there would also be stadium seats at the halfway point and at the finish line, as well as cabins, a lodge, RV parking, a 'race village' for vendors, an amphitheater and a conference center. Despite the features, plans say 2/3s of the site would remain natural. There would also be a 100 ft buffer between the property and nearby homeowners."

Plans submitted to build triathlon facility in Pender [via WECT6]

The city of Burgaw in Pender County is located on the eastern edge of North Carolina, north of Wilmington.


The proposed area for the triathlon training and event center is surrounded by trees and would be located some where here.


No other details are available at this time, including who is behind the plans. What is known is that everyone will be able to voice their opinions before the project is voted on, the planning department says there will be a public hearing on the Special Use permit need for the center on January 21.

The concept looks very interesting. The on-site accommodations with in-room amenities and store is a cool idea, as well the spectator focused venue with many vantage points for capturing the action within a short walk.

Stay tuned for updates...

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