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TriBike Transport Announces New Pack & Ship Service

Athletes can now ship their bike from anywhere in the US, and enjoy the same service and convenience from TriBike Transport that you've come to expect.

tribike transportTriBike Transport (TBT) has introduced their brand new Pack and Ship service, triathlon's first fully assembled bicycle transportation service. TBT will now ship bikes from anywhere in the US to all events that they service. All you, as the customer, have to do is sign up, disassemble and pack your bike for the outgoing shipping; TriBike Transport will do the rest.

"We've received many requests over the years to service areas outside of our normal routes, but until now we haven't been able to help those athletes without their driving two+ hours to get to one of our Partner Shops. Our goal is to enhance the race experience for all athletes and this service is yet another step in that direction," said
Marc Lauzon, President and Founder of TriBike Transport and TBT Race Wheels,
"We are endurance athletes ourselves and understand the time and energy it takes to train and prepare for a race. We appreciate help where we can get it when we're racing, and our intention with this service is to offer convenience and peace of mind for our fellow athletes."

The TriBike Transport trained staff will send you a packing label to use once you're bike is packed and ready to go. TBT will then receive your bike at the event, rebuild it according to your markings and have it ready for you to ride. Following the event, drop your bike off at the TriBike Transport tent where it will be disassembled, packed securely, and shipped to the address of your choice, to be delivered within six (6) business days. TriBike Transport's Pack and Ship fees are comparable to their regular transport service fees.


For more information and to sign up for the new TriBike Transport Pack and Ship Service click here.

About TriBike Transport
TriBike Transport is the exclusive bike transport service to North American Ironman races and other premier destination triathlon and cycling events. Founded on the principle of stellar service, TriBike Transport provides safe, stress-free and competitively priced round-trip bicycle transportation to triathlon and cycling events. Bicycles are transported fully-assembled via TBT's trusted partner shop network and professional drivers, easing the burden on athletes and allowing them to focus fully on their race preparations. For detailed information visit www.tribiketransport.com