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Brazil to Host Second Ironman Race Starting in 2014

Ironman Fortaleza

It's been rumored for a while, that Brazil would play host to a second Ironman event and now those rumors have come to fruition with the revelation of the new Ironman Fortaleza triathlon set to take place in 2014.

Latin Sports, the race organizer for the current Ironman Brazil race in Florianópolis, adds another race to the global Ironman Series circuit. This will be the second Ironman event in South America and Brazil. The inaugural race is set to take place in Fortaleza on Sunday, November 9, 2014.

Fortaleza is the state capital of Ceará and is located on the coast in Northeastern Brazil. It has a population close to 2.3 million which makes Fortaleza the 5th largest city in Brazil. Fortaleza is known for beaches, kite-surfing, strong winds and heat. The average high temp is about 87.3 Fahrenheit or 30.7 Celsius with an average low temp of 75.9 Fahrenheit or 24.4 Celsius.

North American Ironman races in November in Florida and Arizona usually have a high number of South American athletes, so this race will sure be attractive to those athletes. November will be a busy month, post Kona with four Ironman races in the month if you include Ironman Cozumel and the new triathlon in Fortaleza.


It's assumed that it will have qualifying slots for the Ironman World Championship race in Kona, Hawaii for the 2015 race.

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