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Riley & Sass Crowned Best of the U.S. Amateur Champions

Colin Riley and Kirsten Sass overcome cold, stiff wind and stiffer competition to become the 2013 Best of the U.S. National Champions


The Best of the U.S. Championship brings together the nation's best amateurs triathletes to race in an elite, head-to-head, non-age-graded exhibition-style open-course environment. This past weekend Leon's 30th Anniversary Triathlon played host to the amateur championship and crowned Colin Riley of Ohio and Kirsten Sass of Tennessee as the new Best of the U.S. Amateur Champions.

At the last BOUS Championship Minnesota's Matt Payne ran down Colin Riley and his own teammate Patrick Parish (now pro) to win, with Riley going home with the third place trophy. This year Colin, now a college grad and relocated to Ohio returned the favor, passing Matt early in the run and never relenting. Colin's rise through the BOUS ranks has been steller, with a 9th place ('08), 8th place ('09), 3rd ('11) and now the win.

Tennessee's Kirsten Sass, meanwhile, ran away with the women's race. She had placed 5th at the 2008 Championship, had a couple kids and is back racing superbly, having just won a Gulf Coast and Memphis in May. Today she out-raced former pro Jennifer Garrison (in the Leon's Tri wave) and a talented women's field of BOUS newcomers (Oregon's Angie Smith, Heather Westerman from Pennsylvania and others) and veterans. Kristin Moore first raced BOUS in 2005; Chris Wickard's 5th place today is her best of 5 total BOUS Championships; and Andrea Myers' (Minnesota) 7th is her best place in 6 Championship appearances.

  1. Colin Riley (OH) - 1:52:05
  2. Matt Payne (MN) - 1:52:54
  3. Mark Harms (WI) - 1:54:07
  4. Daniel Stubleski (MI) - 1:54:25
  5. Marcus Stromberg (MN) - 1:55:14
  6. Sean Cooley (ND) - 1:58:26
  7. Kenny McDaniel (ID) - 2:00:07
  8. Alex Hooke (MN) - 2:00:18
  9. Zoltan Varga (MA) - 2:00:31
10. Eric Angstadt (PA) - 2:00:54
  1. Kirsten Sass (TN) - 2:05:40
  2. Angie Smith (OR) - 2:11:44
  3. Heather Westerman (PA) - 2:12:36
  4. Kristin Moore (MA) - 2:13:39
  5. Chris Wickard (IN) - 2:14:33
  6. Heather Curnutt (WI) - 2:14:59
  7. Andrea Myers (MN) - 2:21:15
  8. Emily Yates (WI) - 2:23:00
  9. Carrie Merritt (NJ) - 2:24:40
10. Kristin Bagley (IL) - 2:24:52


1. Team Wisconsin, 4:37:59 - Heather Curnutt & Emily Yates
2. Team Indiana, 4:41:10 - Chris Wickard & Cate Kelley
3. Team Illinois, 4:52:17 - Kristin Bagley & Aimee Dzieken


1. Team Minnesota, 3:48:08 - Matt Payne & Marcus Stromberg
2. Team Wisconsin, 3:56:04 - Mark Harms & Luke Lengfeld
3. Team Michigan, 3:59:15 - Daniel Stubleski & Roman Krzyzanowski


1. Team Wisconsin, 4:09:06 - Heather Curnutt & Mark Harms
2. Team Pennsylvania, 4:13:30 - Heather Westerman & Eric Angstadt
3. Team Minnesota, 4:14:09 - Andrea Myers & Matt Payne

Click here for full race results from Leon's Triathlon and the est of the U.S. Championship. NOTE: Third place finisher Mark Harms was incorrectly recorded in the Leon's results instead of BOUS.

The Best of the U.S. Championship race was carried over into 2013, unlike other years when the race was schedule very late into the triathlon season. All of the competitor racing in the championship race qualified in 2012.

For more information on the Best of the U.S. Amateur Triathlete Competition, visit www.bestoftheustriseries.com

Photo credit: Best of the U.S.

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