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Marceau & Bucher Win ETU TNatura Cross Triathlon in Orosei

oliver-marceau.jpgThis year Oliver Marceau is the king of Orosei, winner of the first ETU TNatura Cross Triathlon race in Italy. Italian Leonardo Ballerini, of Raschiani Triathlon Pavese (2:36:01) was second while closing the podium in 2:37:14 was the young Austrian Michael Szymoniuk.

On the wonen's front Renata Bucher wins first place in 2:49:35, almost four minutes ahead of second place Kathrin Muller (2:53:16). Carina Wasle takes the third position only few seconds after 2:53:42.

The beautiful location of Orosei offered to all TNatura athletes a beautiful day: crystal clear water, not too high temperatures, moderate wind. The swimming starts with great surprises: first Ballerini (19:28), followed by the Sardinian Fabrizio Baralla (20:42) who gives a few seconds to the Olympic champion Marceau (20:48). Things remain the same in the first portion of the mountain bike: Ballerini continued to hold the top spot, followed by Marceau and Baralla. Behind Michael Szymoniuk and Luca Molteni. In the second round of biking, Marceau took the situation in hand, leaving behind Ballerini in the transition area who pays only a handful of seconds. Five minutes from the two, there are Baralla and Michael Szymoniuk, with the Austrian throughout the fraction of bikes trying to reach the Sardinian who however holds out until the transition area. The difference is the last part of the race, 10km in a journey made more difficult and hard from the rocks, but also of almost 40 meters of ford. The French champion in fact gives the best of himself, leaving behind a very strong Ballerini, who however, fails to fill the gap of four minutes after the first. Michael instead Szymoniuk manages to do that stealing the third place to Fabrizio Baralla (40:59) ending the race in 38:47.

Among the Elite women, Kathrin Muller is simply extraordinary in water: she comes in the wake of Baralla and Marceau but the fraction on mountain bike is not her specialty and Renata Bucher snatches the leadership of the race maintaining it up to the last fraction, the 10 km run. First among the Italian women, the Italian champion of the 6th edition of Orosei, Sara Tavecchio.

Among the many participating teams, the Green Bike won(Epicurean-Cherchi-card) followed by the team Avatar (Mereu-Henry-Orgiana).

This year the event was organized impeccably: athletes have experienced the sport event in complete safety thanks to the work of staff and collaborators who has been contributing to the success of the race for years. Sandro Salerno, Head Island Group says: "A special thanks to our race director Sergio Oppo, voluntary organizations, staff and co-workers not to mention the various authorities, the Region of Sardinia, the City of Orosei, the Chamber of Commerce of Nuoro without the support of which this would not have been possible. The 7th edition of the race of Orosei was not only a sporting success but also the launch of an important project, TNatura. "

Renato Bertrandi, President of the ETU, said that:" The event of cross triathlon today in Orosei has been a real success in terms of audience, organization, number of participants. The organizational professionalism of the Island Group ensured the success of the first edition of the circuit ETU TNatura, which officially begins in Italy and Europe in 2014. The circuit ETU TNatura is evidence that the number of cross triathlon enthusiasts in Europe is increasing more and more. "

For more information on the ETU TNatura Cross Triathlon visit: www.tnaturaevents.com