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Dye, Goss Victorious in Knoxville Rev3 Triathlon

rev3-knx-dye-2013.jpgCameron Dye earned his sought after Knoxville Rev 3 win, leading wire to wire. Lauren Goss, last year's REV3 series winner showed with a strong bike and run that she is out to defend the series title.

Dye exited the river swim with a slim lead over Kyle Leto and Eric Limkemann. Chris Foster and Conrad Stoltz were over 2 minutes behind Dye when they hit land.
Cameron Dye quickly took command of the race putting over a minute on the competition in the first 8 miles of the bike.

"The conditions were tough today," Dye said. "When you have cool temps, rain and wet roads there is always a bit of caution. I worked the uphills extra hard so I could take the downhills with a bit of caution. I am pleased with today and how the legs held up. The bike handled well and happy to grab the win here."

The run was the swapping ground for the remaining places with Foster running into second and Kaleb Vanort moving through the field into 3rd. Limkermann held on for 4th, after coming off the bike second. Conrad Stoltz, known for his Xterra legacy, exited T2 in third but was quickly eaten up on the run course by the fleet feet of the runners.

2013 Rev3 Knoxville Triathlon Results:
Knoxville, Tennessee - May 5, 2013

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Cameron Dye 1:47:53
Lauren Goss 2:03:55
Chris Foster 1:51:16
Radka Vodickova 2:05:58
Kaleb Van Ort 1:52:17
Magali Tisseyre 2:07:07
Eric Limkemann 1:52:54
Mirinda Carfrae 2:07:10
Artem Parienko 1:53:01
Julie Patterson 2:11:45
Conrad Stoltz 1:53:05
Jessica Meyers 2:12:03
Kyle Leto 1:53:51
Samantha Warriner 2:16:10
David Thompson 1:54:02
Zana Buttermore-Baca 2:16:36
Jacob Rhyner 1:54:31
Megan Riepma 2:16:46
Brandon Marsh 1:55:24
Alice Henriques 2:16:46

rev3-knx--goss-2013.jpgTHE WOMEN
The women exited the water in a small pack, with Goss and Radka Vodickova quickly distancing them selves from the field. Mirinda Carfrae reached T1 a 1:35 deficient over the leading two women and would have her work cut out for her on the bike. Magalie Tisseyre recorded the fastest bike of the day to bring back some of the gap from the swim.

"Racing in tough conditions always is more interesting to me because there are so many more variables, risk taking, and keeping the nutrition right even when you are cold. I really was pleased with how well all of the girls kept an eye out for each other. The volunteers were excellent on the course and spirits were high in the cold rain." - Lauren Goss

Goss lead off the bike, with Vodickova on her heels and Goss quickly pushed the pace at the front, distancing herself with the second fastest run on the day at 36:35. Vodickova finished the day with a solid run and second across the line. Tisseyre held off the fleet feet of Carfrae who ran a race best 36:30 to grab fourth.

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REV3 Triathlon KNOXVILLE Pro Recap 2013 from REVOLUTION3 Triathlon on Vimeo.