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McMahon, Kessler Win Ironman 70.3 U.S. Pro Championships

ironman 70.3 st georgeOnce again St. George, Utah greeted triathletes from around the world, but this time for the inaugural Ironman 70.3 St. George triathlon.

In nearly perfect weather condition Canadian Brent McMahon and American Meredith Kessler win the 2013 Ironman 70.3 U.S. Pro Championship designated race. For their part, they share part of the $75,000 prize purse that was on the line. The event which was converted over from the full distance Ironman St. George triathlon last year attracted many top pros for the prize purse as well as the KPR point's on the line. Over 2,000 triathletes took part in the inaugural triathlon event.

On the men's side, first out of the water was Andy Potts, followed by the Vasiliev brothers Ivan and Denis from Russian on the 1.2-mile swim. Showing off some ITU skill was Ivan Vasiliev who beat Potts or of T1.

It was Potts and the Vasiliev brothers who shared the lead early on the bike. The lead was narrowed to about 45 seconds some 35 miles into the race with Greg Bennett and Tj Tollakson making up some time with others just over a minute behind. Tollakson caught up with the leaders and came into T2 with them with just a slight lead on the rest of the men.

Again a fast transition helped Ivan lead the men out on to the run, including Brent McMahon, Kevin Collington and others. The lead didn't last long as McMahon made up the deficit early into to the run and took the lead sometime after mile 3. His overall 1:13:20 run split helped him stay out while the other jockeyed for position. Collington managed to move past Potts and the brothers for 2nd while Potts managed to do the same with a slightly faster run to snag 3rd. Ivan Rana had the fastest run split of the day, going 1:12:41 for the 13.1 mile run.

2013 Ironman 70.3 St. George Results:
St. George, Utah - May 4, 2013

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Brent McMahon 3:51:10*
Meredith Kessler 4:17:11*
Kevin Collington 3:53:38
Svenja Bazlen 4:18:46
Andy Potts 3:54:21
Heather Wurtele 4:20:26
Ivan Vassiliev 3:55:08
Annabel Luxford 4:23:09
Denis Vasliiev 3:55:59
Kelly Williamson 4:23:13
Matt Reed 3:56:58
Lesley Paterson 4:24:39
Tj Tollakson 3:57:00
Julia Gajer 4:26:52
Luke Mckenzie 3:57:03
Sarah Piampiano 4:27:41
Ivan Rana 3:57:32
Emma-Kate Lidbury 4:28:41
Trevor Wurtele 3:57:55
Leanda Cave 4:29:04
* = New Course Record

2012 Ironman St. George winner Ben Hoffman was back but only managed to finish in 12th. Notable DNF's for the day include Andrew Starykowicz and Bevan Docherty, both who never made it out onto the run course.

A great field was on hand on the women's side, which included the reigning Ironman 70.3 & Ironman champ Leanda Cave as well as the 2012 Ironman St. George winner Meredith Kessler. It was Kessler who was out of the water first followed by Svenja Bazlen, Laura Bennett and Annabel Luxford.

It was Bazlen who jump out to a lead early into the bike. She gradually extended her lead over Kessler and the others and managed to hold on all the way to T2. She exited T2 with a lead of 4:30 over Kessler, Luxford and Heather Wurtele. It seems that the 2:21:39 split Bazlen had on the bike, nearly 5 minutes faster than Kessler's, might have been a bit hard on the legs as Kessler slowly narrowed the deficit. Eventually Kessler caught up and passed Bazlen some 10 miles into the run and help on to win. Bazlen held on for 2nd while Wurtele took 3rd.

Lisa Norden, a week after a DNF at St. Anthony's was on hand but did not start the race due to injury.

2013 Ironman 70.3 St. George Full Results [via Ironman.com]

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