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Timex Next Generation, GPS Enabled IRONMAN Run Trainer 2.0

timex-run-trainer-2.jpgTimex has introduced the Timex® IRONMAN® Run Trainer™ 2.0, a next-generation GPS-enabled watch that tracks pace, distance, heart rate, and elapsed time. This upgraded device is a smaller, more refined version of the brand's signature Timex® IRONMAN Run Trainer™ 1.0 GPS watch and is equipped with a reversible, high-resolution display and advanced interval training capabilities.

The introduction of the Timex® IRONMAN® Run Trainer™ 2.0 marks a further expansion of the Timex GPS portfolio, following the recent launches of Timex® Marathon® GPS, Timex® IRONMAN® Run Trainer™ 1.0, Timex® Cycle Trainer™ 2.0 and Timex® IRONMAN® Global Trainer™ Bodylink® System.

"We heard from the running community that they wanted a smaller, more comfortable GPS watch," said Sam Martin, Senior Brand Manager, Sports. "We are excited to deliver on that need with the upgraded Run Trainer 2.0, enabling more efficient training through advanced technology."

The Timex® IRONMAN® Run Trainer™ 2.0 is the brand's most innovative performance measurement product designed for athletes who want to maximize the efficiency of their training. The watch offers a crisp, high resolution display but is smaller watch than the Run Trainer™ 1.0 to better fit a wider variety of wrist sizes. Armed with a chronograph and featuring hands-free split recording capability, the Run Trainer™ 2.0 includes Interval Training based on distance and time with vibrating and audible alerts. Additionally, the training device boasts an eight hour Li-ion battery life and offers the unique benefit of being water resistance at up to 50 meters.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 Complete Features:

• Smaller watch with high-resolution, reversible display
• Real-time distance, pace, speed, heart rate and more
• Quick and reliable signal with SiRFstarIV™ technology
• 15-Workout memory with dated summary
• Free access to online training log
• Desktop device agent allows for easy changes to watch and performance settings
• 100-Lap chronograph with customizable 2- or 3-line display
• Hands-free chronograph operation based on distance and time
• Pace, speed, and distance vibrating/audible alerts keep your training on-track
• Hydration and nutrition alerts remind athletes to replenish at regular intervals
• Interval timer with segments based on time or distance
• Customizable alarm with backup
• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 8-hour life in full GPS mode
• Compatible with ANT+™ sensors for heart rate and foot pod data
• Watch WR to 50m (GPS and ANT+™ features not available underwater)
• INDIGLO® night-light with NIGHT-MODE® feature and Constant-On options

Like other Timex downloadable products, this Run Trainer 2.0 is customizable through a computer device agent for all settings and is compatible with TrainingPeaksand MapMyFitness.com, among others. It utilizes ANT+ wireless technology for chest and foot pod sensors to provide heart rate and indoor/cadence-based training data for runners looking to improve their performance.

The Timex® IRONMAN® Run Trainer™ 2.0 will be available in March in U.S. Sports Specialty retailers and on Timex.com at $224.95 for Speed + Distance or $274.95 (with Flex Tech™ Digital 2.4 HRM chest sensor).

How is this different from the Timex Ironman Run Trainer 1.0?
• Smaller case size, designed to fit men or women
• Crisp, high resolution display that is easier to see during a workout
• New menu-based system, making it easier to navigate the watch features
• Vibrating alerts , so you don't miss anything if you're listening to music or running in a loud area
• Interval timers based on time or distance
• View a side-by-side GPS watch comparison here.