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Joshua Amberger Signs with TYR Sport

joshua ambergerBPM Athlete Management ("BAM") is pleased to announce the signing of a new sponsorship agreement with TYR Sport ("TYR") for talented Australian triathlete, Joshua Amberger. The multiyear deal has been signed following a breakthrough year for Amberger where he continued his trajectory towards becoming one of the world's leading non drafting triathletes.

Amberger will use TYR products as his swim sponsor in 2013 and 2014 including the Torque speed suit, Freak of Nature wetsuit and TYR's range of goggles and accessories for training and racing. The Australian will also race in the TYR Carbon Collection as his first choice of race apparel.

In 2012 Amberger lead the world's most renowned swimmers out of the water as he showed his dominance in the water. As one of the world's leading triathlon swimmers it stands to reason that Amberger would select to work with one of the world's leading swim focused product providers to continue to enhance both his results and the product development of TYR.

As part of the TYR team of sponsored triathletes, Amberger will train and race in the same swimwear as the likes of Potts, Alexander, Dibens, Carfrae and 2012 ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs.

tyr-logo.jpg"TYR is the most visible brand in swimming and triathlon today, and is becoming synonymous with the sport" said Amberger from his Brisbane home. "Through testing and talking with TYR through BPM Athlete Management, I've been reinforced of the notion that TYR will consolidate my edge over the competition, and give me the platform I need to elevate my developing career to new heights. I look forward to working with such a trusted and respected brand in 2013 and beyond."

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