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GOTRIbal Launches ActiveBudz App Campaign on Indiegogo

activebudz iphone appThe new GOTRIbal ActiveBudz app will personalize your connections so your fitness journey becomes more fun, easy and long-lasting. To help make the ActiveBudz app a reality, a campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo has been launched.

About the ActiveBudz app

Finally a way to find someone like you, right when you want to grab an ActiveBud for a run, a trip to the local lake for a swim, or just a casual stroll over lunch. Heck, even while you're in a new city for an event.... open your ActiveBudz app, and find someone to scout out the run course with, or grab a healthy snack before you do that first triathlon! Connections to people you want to know, need to know, and who understand your goals, your lifestyle, and your background. In general, personalized connections right at your fingertips via their iPhone app.

ActiveBudz is being designed to make living an active, healthy lifestyle contagious. Hear what led Tanya Maslach, the GOTRIbal Founder to come up with the ActiveBudz concept via this video.

The App makes it easy for you:

  • - To find that new, trusted bud who you can grab at a moment's notice for a work-out,
  • - for advice on your running form, or
  • - where you can get the best meal before your big event in that new city.

You'll get suggested new contacts delivered straight to your ActiveBudz iPhone app, Women who:

  • - have your same lifestyle, ability, and goals, and
  • - who care about your personal weight loss journey,
  • - your new 5K running time goal, or
  • - your insane desire to do an Ironman triathlon by your 50th birthday - or your 18th!
  • - Whatever your background, ability or goal, this app personalizes your connections to those peeps that care, and who want to give something back to YOU.

Progress So Far...

  • 1. Brought on a top user-experience designer who created the very skeleton of this app.
  • 2. We tested the kaboodles out of his work with women users. We went straight to the ladies who gave us the no-sugar feedback, and then we made it better. All before we drop big bucks on the awesome design. We made sure the app made sense to the woman using it, before it looked HOT.
  • 3. We've built relationships with leading brands (espnW, Irongirl, Womens Running, Competitor Group, Sports Illustrated, and more) and World Class athletes that we'll look to in order to reach even MORE women after our Indiegogo Backers get there goods!

When will it be unveiled?

This project can't be done without your support. Dreaming this big, it turns out, is costly. With your help, GOTRIbal will launch the web app first in May 2013 and the iPhone app version shortly after. The ActiveBudz app will be first launched on the web. It will be free and exclusive to all the Indiegogo contributors who get in on the action early! Then, once the final iPhone app is delivered, it will work on a 3-month, 6-month and 12 month subscription.

ActiveBudz App Campaign on Indiegogo

To help make the ActiveBudz app a reality, GOTRIBal has launched a campaing on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The fundraising campaing will help generate the funds needed to continue the development process and bring ActiveBudz to market. As will all crowdfunding campaings, great perks are being offered for those contributors that help out the most. In this case GOTRIBal goodies and special connections with Pro Triathlete Beth Walsh, 2x World Xterra Champion Lesley Paterson and 4x World Ironman champion Chrissie Wellington. To learn more and help make the ActiveBudz app a reality visit:
What is GOTRIbal?
GOTRIbal is a community created to connect, inspire and educate women who aspire to lead active, adventurous lifestyles through endurance sports. The mobile experience was designed to help them find others who love the lifestyle as much as they do, connect with them, learn from them, train with them, and meet up with them at races or events around the world. The community site is at www.gotribalnow.com