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JammyCo Launches New "iRideInside" App

irideinside iphone appJammyCo has announced the release of iRideInside, the company's third iPhone App. iRideInside allows you to take your indoor cycling class to go and provides you with "ready-made" as well as "customizable" workouts so that you can get in a great ride anywhere and for any amount of time. It's the first indoor cycling app to offer video clips of actual instructors demonstrating workouts.

"This app idea came about after having my first child. I soon realized I was on her schedule and often couldn't make the scheduled indoor cycling classes," said JammyCo President Jamima Wolk. "Now I can ride at home during nap time or head to the gym whenever I can fit it in and get in a quality workout."

iRideInside allows you to choose from a selection of experienced instructors that ride right along with you. Whether you are a beginner just wanting to get in shape or an avid cyclist looking to stay fit, the instructors will push you harder than you thought you could go. You can also customize your workout music by choosing either the instructors recommended list or your own creation from your iTunes library.

- Video clips of instructors demonstrating the workout.
- Full audio of each instructor's workout.
- Choose the music playlist provided by the instructor or create one from your iTunes library.
- Choose ready-made workouts or customize your own.
- Customize what icons are displayed on the screen, including total elapsed time, rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and cadence.
- On-screen display includes total workout time as well as a countdown timer for each section.
- Expert information on bike fit, hand positions, equipment, nutrition, and stretching tips.

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The new iRideInside App sells for US $4.99 and is available on iTunes here.

JammyCo previously released the popular First Time Triathlon ("1stTimeTri") and Triathlon Trainer ("TriTrainer"), which prepare an individual for Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons.

Wolk, a former professional triathlete and triathlon coach, developed the App. She started competing as a professional in 2000 and retired in 2007. Her race resume includes everything from sprint to Ironman distance races.

About JammyCo
JammyCo, founded in 2009 by Jamima Wolk, consists of a brother and sister team that produces top-quality, innovative fitness iPhone and iPod Touch Apps.
Website: www.jammyco.com
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