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Fearless Races & F1 Triathlon Form Strategic Partnership

fearless f1tri promoSan Diego, California - Continuing our goal of providing athletes the best all inclusive race experience possible, Fearless Races has teamed up with F1 Triathlon to bring this high-octane spectator friendly elite racing to its events. Beginning in 2013, F1 Triathlon will become fully integrated into Fearless Races with each Triathlon event weekend also hosting an elite athlete invite-only F1 race.

Under the terms of the partnership, Lars Finanger will become the President of Fearless Races and assume all Race Director responsibilities for all events and races. Brian Fahmie will remain closely involved with the company as a special adviser.

"I'm excited to see Fearless Races continue its growth and development under the strong leadership of Lars. We share a very similar vision for the company and know that through this partnership the company can achieve this vision," said Brian Fahmie, Founder of Fearless Races. "The company's mission to produce competitively fun events for all athletes will be bolstered by the inclusion of these elite athlete F1 races which will allow age-group athletes the up-close and personal opportunity to watch their favorite Olympians duke it out in the same format they themselves will be racing with their fellow age-group athletes during the event weekend."

"Saddling up with Fearless Races and Brian was a no-brainer. Our visions are in sync to make this fast and furious race format accessible for age-groupers and pros alike," said Lars Finanger, founder of F1 Triathlon. "Our launch event last September was well received by the pros who competed as well as by spectators, sponsors and attending media. The only step missing was to provide a way for age-groupers to experience the thrill of racing fast and now we've achieved that."

The near term goals for Fearless Races are to expand to other markets in the USA and Internationally over the next 2-5 years. This expansion into a National and eventually International Race Series will provide all athletes, age-group and elite alike, the opportunity to compete in one of the most unique event series on a global scale.

About Fearless Races
Founded by Brian Fahmie in 2010, Fearless Races hosts professional quality endurance races often with unique and exciting twists that set us apart from the competition. All of our races are designed to be what we call, Competitively Fun. We know that not everyone can win his or her division, but everyone can have an amazing time at a race. This is why all Fearless Races strive to provide the best overall race experience for the weekend warrior and elite athlete alike.

About F1 Triathlon
Founded by Lars Finanger in 2012, F1 Triathlon is a fast and furious Super Sprint series showcasing elite athletes in spectator friendly venues. Our multiple-lap format puts spectators right in the middle of the action while racers are going flat out, pushing themselves to their limits. No more waiting around for hours only to get a fleeting glimpse of your favorite athlete. These 30-45 minute races almost always end in a sprint finish! www.f1tri.com