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Book: For Swimmers, 365 Main Sets by Andrew Starykowicz

For Swimmers 365 Main Sets BookWhat to improve your swimming or get a fresh start on triathlon swim training for next year.

Here is a book "For Swimmers 365 Main Sets" from professional triathlete Andrew Starykowicz, who just recently won his first Ironman title at the 2012 Ironman Florida triathlon. Known as fast a fast guy on the bike (he biked the Ironman Florida bike course, 112 miles, in a time of 4:04:49) he also is a good swimmer. He was second out of the water in Panama City Beach with a 2.4 mile swim in 49:51.

The book "For Swimmers 365 Main Sets" was inspired by swimmers I have met over the years who train in small groups or on their own repeating the same boring sets over and over. When I set out to write this book I was surprised at the limited workout material that was available for swimmers. The goal was to take my favorite workouts and share them with you to increase your workout creativity which will transfer into positive results.

Each of the 365 sets has four ability levels identified as gold, silver, bronze and novice. The swim sets are designed to take the same about of time and have the same training effect regardless of ability level. Gold level workouts represent training of an elite level swim club while bronze and novice cover intervals that are achievable for aspiring swimmers.

The sets are grouped by lenght of time and then sorted by type of training. There are nine types of training identified in this book: Test Set, Distance, General Fitness, Middle Distance, Speed, Short Rest Intervals and Storke. The book describes each type of training.

With this book, your swimming knowing that the rest of this year you will never have to see the same set again!

For Swimmers 365 Main Sets
By Andrew Starykowicz
Paperback: 74 pages
MSRP: $19.99 via Amazon

AndrewStarykowiczTrophy.jpgAndrew Starykowicz has competed as a professional triathlete since 2006. His athletic accomplishments include professional triathlon victories in Olympic, Half, and Full iron distances races, a Big Ten Championship in water polo, and All American honors in swimming. In November he won his first Ironman title by winning Ironman Florida. Although Andrew's swim career did not begin until he was a teenager he has been student of the sport since he swam his first lap. With the knowledge acquired from various swim, water polo, and triathlon coaches, Andrew has logged millions of yards and spent hundreds of hours on the pool deck coaching swim clubs and master's programs over the last two decades.

Stay up to date with Andrew by visiting his site at: astarykowicz.blogspot.com
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