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Triathlete Workshop Partners with Blood Specialists InsideTracker

Triathlete WorkshopRidgefield, CT - Triathlete Workshop is pleased to announce a partnership with blood analysis specialists InsideTracker by Segterra. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InsideTracker uses 1,500 laboratories across the country to service their elite athletes, professional teams and age-group athletes. InsideTracker blood analysis shows the status of an athlete's unique biochemistry and provides nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and supplementation recommendations to achieve optimal performance. Based on this information, athletes can improve their endurance and speed, and also reduce the risk of injury.

Triathlete Workshop's team of USA Triathlon Elite Level 3 Coaches are uniquely equipped to use blood analysis to help athletes improve performance. "As a coach," stated Triathlete Workshop expert coach Tim Crowley, "you want to have access to all critical information that will affect an athlete's performance and health. InsideTracker provides a complete panel of critical markers that allows coaches to easily and effectively implement strategies that will lead to optimal performance in sport and life."

The everyday athlete has the ability to access the best coaches, professional athletes and the best tools through Triathlete Workshop. Inside Tracker's blood analysis tools are used by professional athletes and sports teams, including 2008 Olympian and Triathlete Workshop contributor Jarrod Shoemaker. "Measuring your power, paces, and heart rates has become standard for triathletes. But few athletes check the most vital of their data, their blood chemistry. It is a great advantage to know that your body is in working shape and what you need to do to bring it to peak performance."


For more information, please contact Triathlete Workshop President Jared Gell at
617-851-4795 or jared.gell@triathleteworkshop.com.

About Triathlete Workshop:
Launching in December 2012, Triathlete Workshop offers online triathlon training by elite coaches and star athletes. Traditionally inaccessible to the weekend warrior, Triathlete Workshop has liberated multisport and endurance coaching by giving average athletes access to top coaches such as Tim Crowley and Melissa Mantak and star athletes like Jarrod Shoemaker. For more information, visit www.triathleteworkshop.com.

About InsideTracker:
InsideTracker is a web-based service that helps individuals optimize their overall health and performance by giving them a unique view into their personal biochemistry. It is the only science and evidence-based plan that analyzes your blood to measure key biomarkers related to daily health status and provides nutrition recommendations based on your individual results. For more information, visit www.insidetracker.com.