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2012 Minnesota Multisport Award Winners

The Minnesota Multisport Awards selection process is a highly democratic deal. Committee members study resumes and results, paying special attention to stuff like field quality, head-to-head performances, racing volume, versatility, i.e. whether athletes excelled in a single area, say, short course triathlon, or in multiple areas, i.e. short course tri, long course tri and duathlon; and speed.

It's not enough to simple win races. There is so much more to consider.

The Committee then gets together a half dozen times to discuss their ideas and observations, often loudly and not without occasional rancor. Somehow the members manage to remain friends. They then return to their homes and email their pics, i.e. their rankings of the nominees in each category, to the Committee Chairman.

2012 Minnesota Multisport Award Winners

Dan HedgecockTriathlete Of The Year
• Dan Hedgecock (pictured)
• Ruth Brennan Morrey
Long Distance Athlete Of The Year
• Ruth Brennan Morrey
Duathlete Of The Year
• Patrick Parish
• Ruth Brennan Morrey
Performance Of The Year
• Dan Hedgecock's Course Record at Hy-Vee 5150 Elite Championship
• Michelle Andres' Amateur Course Record at Ironman Wisconsin (pictured)

Michelle Andres
Most Improved Elite
• Marcus Stromberg
• Suzie Fox
Grand Master Of The Year
• Ben Ewers
Master Of The Year
• Greg Taylor
• Heidi Keller-Miler

Junior Of The Year
• Tyler Hecht
• Greta Danielson
Rookie Of The Year
• Heather Lendway
YWCA Women's TriathlonTriathletes Choice - Race Of The Year
• YWCA Women's Triathlon


2012 Team Minnesota

David Thompson
Ruth Brennan Morrey
Dan Hedgecock
Cathy Yndestad
Patrick Parish
Suzie Fox
Matthew Payne
Claire Bootsma
Devon Palmer
Elaine Nelson
Alex Hooke
Kortney Haag
Marcus Stromberg
Michelle Andres
David Holden
Heidi Keller-Miler
Sean Cooley
Stephanie Solfelt
Kevin O'Connor
Andrea Myers

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Photo Credits: Nick Morales - TRIJUICE