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All-Star Cast Leads New Triathlete Workshop Coaching Website

Launching in December 2012, Website Makes Triathlon Training by Top Coaches & Elite Professional Athletes Accessible and Affordable

TriathleteWorkshop.pngA new online community that connects triathletes from around the world with elite coaches, unique training resources and online peer forums is ready to take triathlon training to a whole new level.

Developed by a team of top-tier coaches, Triathlete Workshop represents the next generation in online triathlon training and coaching. Set to launch in December 2012, the website, www.triathleteworkshop.com, will feature training resources from the most well-rounded and experienced coaching team in the world.

While elite coaches are typically inaccessible to the average weekend warrior, Triathlete Workshop is creating a new online community that allows all triathletes access to top-notch coaches. Never before has the average triathlete had such exclusive access to top talent.

Lesley Paterson, the 2012, & 2011 XTERRA Triathlon World Champion, and Jarrod Shoemaker, the 2009 ITU Duathlon World Champion, are just two examples of the top level talent found on Triathlete Workshop.

"Elite coaching by World Champions is usually reserved for the very wealthy," said Jared Gell, President of Triathlete Workshop. "Triathlete Workshop brings access to world class coaching to everyone."

Triathlete Workshop is comprised of coaches and athletes with expertise ranging from Ironman to short course to Xterra triathlon. The five coaches represent 25% of the entire USA Triathlon Level 3 class. The coaches also have a broad range of experience and credentials, including two USA Triathlon Coach of the Year awards, World Championship wins and significant experience with everyday athletes.

Triathlete Workshop will also feature the most user-friendly and in-depth website in the multisport industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge right to athletes' fingertips. The website has unparalleled functionality. It includes an extensive and searchable article database, athlete forums and video content. It also includes daily live chats (both video and text-based) with coaches and athletes.

To access these valuable and innovative resources, triathlon training plans are broken into two distinct types. The standard pre-built plan is based on volume, training time, goals and experience. There are also more customizable four-week training modules available. Modules are sport-specific blocks that athletes can select to allow them to build their own training plan to suit their individual strengths, weaknesses and goals.

What separates Triathlete Workshop from the competition is the idea that there are many different methods of achieving a goal. Through our growing network of coaches, the website will offer many different perspectives on coaching, training and racing. It will also allow for debates on hot topics in chat rooms and athlete forums when two coaches or athletes have a difference of opinion. Triathlete Workshop is designed to help athletes discover the best path to success by offering diverse minds, talent and experience.

Triathlete Workshop is offering a discount of $19.99 per month for athletes who sign up before the December launch. For only $60 a month, any athlete that is serious about training with an elite coach can have access. In addition, signing up now entitles athletes to discounts on premium membership rates, access to a private Facebook Group and the free Triathlete Workshop E-Magazine. After the December launch the price will be $79.99 per month.

For more information, please contact Triathlete Workshop President Jared Gell at
617-851-4795 or jared.gell@triathleteworkshop.com.

About Triathlete Workshop
Launching in December 2012, Triathlete Workshop offers online triathlon training by elite coaches and star athletes. Traditionally inaccessible to the weekend warrior, Triathlete Workshop has liberated multisport and endurance coaching by giving average athletes access to top coaches such as Tim Crowley and Melissa Mantak and star athletes like Jarrod Shoemaker. For more information, visit www.triathleteworkshop.com.