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Gatorade & FuelBelt Sports Nutrition Partnership

gatoradefuelbeltpromo.jpgChicago (September 25, 2012) - As leaders in fueling endurance athletes, Gatorade and FuelBelt today announced a national multi-year partnership reinforcing their commitment to providing innovative and convenient sports fueling solutions, including sports nutrition and equipment, to this elite group of athletes. This collaboration is a natural fit for two brands that are pioneers in endurance fueling and on race courses nationwide.

Through the new partnership, FuelBelt and Gatorade will provide complete customized sports fueling systems and endurance fueling education for training and performance. Endurance athletes will now have a one-stop shopping experience with the opportunity to purchase FuelBelt and Gatorade endurance product packages when signing up for select endurance races. The endurance line of Gatorade products will also be sold in tandem by FuelBelt's national network of sports specialty representatives, giving run, tri, bike and outdoor stores the ability to provide their customers with the best nutrition and hydration solutions on the market. Beyond bringing convenience to training, the joint marketing efforts will also educate athletes on their endurance fueling needs and solutions for fueling on-the-go.

"FuelBelt and Gatorade are two iconic brands that will reshape the way athletes think about sports nutrition during training and racing. Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to improve the experience of endurance athletes by introducing them to the best sports nutrition and delivery systems in the world. Our teams are working closely to bring innovative solutions and wide spread availability of Gatorade and FuelBelt products through special retailers across the country." says Vinu Malik, FuelBelt Founder & CEO.

"We are pleased to partner with FuelBelt, a company that is just as dedicated to advancing the fueling and performance needs of endurance athletes as we are," said Morgan Flatley, Gatorade Vice President of Brand Management. "We look forward to sharing our insights and learnings to continue to meet the needs of endurance athletes, expanding our network and giving athletes greater access to the Gatorade endurance line of products that are sure to come from this partnership."

The full Gatorade G Series Pro collection is now available through specialty retailers, Fuelbelt.com or by calling FuelBelt's customer service team at 1-888-666-2358.
About Gatorade
The Gatorade Company, a division of PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), provides sports performance innovations designed to meet the needs of athletes at all competitive levels and across a broad range of sports. Gatorade Thirst Quencher® is backed by more than 40 years of research and is scientifically formulated and athletically proven to quench thirst, replace fluids and electrolytes, and provide carbohydrate energy to enhance athletic performance. The company's product portfolio is built around the G Series™, a 1-2-3 approach to athlete nutrition and hydration before (Gatorade Prime 01™), during (Gatorade® Perform 02 and G2® Perform 02), and after (Gatorade Recover 03™) training or competition. For more information, please visit www.gatorade.com.

About FuelBelt
Founded in 1997, FuelBelt started as an idea that would soon help shape the way triathletes and runners hydrate. Since then we have grown to become the industry pioneers of hydration belts for the running and triathlon world. We offer a wide variety of hydration products and accessories that are necessary for triathletes, runners and cyclists to stay hydrated. We stand behind our products because we here at FuelBelt know what it takes to succeed. For more information, please visit www.fuelbelt.com.