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Peasantman Triathlons, New Full & Half in Upstate New York

peasantman triathlonsTriathlon: Peasantman Triathlons
When: Sunday, August 18, 2013
Where: Penn Yan, New York
Events: Iron+, Half+
Website: www.peasantman.com

A new independent race option for triathltes in the Northeast and every where else. Annoucing the new Peasantman Steel Distance Triathlons in upstate New York. The inagural triathlon event will take place August 18, 2013 in Penn Yan, New York, on beautiful Keuka Lake. Athletes will be able to choose from the Full/Iron Distance (140.8 miles), the Half (70.4) or the Half Relay (70.4).

Penn Yan was chosen for many reasons. It's located in one of the most beautiful parts of wine country in New York State, right in the heart of the Finger Lakes region. It has an ideal, picturesque lake for this type of swim event, and scenic country roads for bicycling and running. It's centrally located between some of the bigger cities (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton) in upstate New York. But mostly, the village of Penn Yan has been very cooperative and receptive to the idea, and we are proud to partner with Penn Yan on this exciting adventure.

70.4 and 140.8, What's With These New 'Steel' Distances? Let's just say that steel is a little stronger than... well... other types of metal. Therefore the Steel Distances are just slightly longer than traditional distances. But what's another tenth of a mile for the half, or two-tenths for the full? Peasants work harder than the elite. Peasants are stronger. Peasants are fully capable. And Peasants are out to prove their superiority. The distance has been added to the beginning of the bike course, but the swim and run haven't changed. Oh yeah... Peasants have an extra minute to finish. No longer will you be closed out at the stroke of midnight. Peasants have until 12:01! (Full: 2.4mi Swim, 112.2mi Bike, 26.2mi Run - Half: 1.2mi Swim, 56.1mi Bike, 13.1mi Run)


The start, finish and transition area will be at Indian Pines Park at the southwestern edge of Penn Yan. Thw swim takes place in Keuka Lake and starts from the public beach at Indian Pines Park. It'll be one lap for the Half and two for the Full. This bike ride will be spectacular, cutting along both arms of Keuka Lake and out toward Seneca Lake. Athletes will do one lap for the Half and two laps for the Full. The run course is scenic and will run almost entirely along the northwestern shore of the Keuka Lake. The run will be spectator friendly with two full laps for the Half, and four full laps for the Full.

Aside from engraved trophies and plaques for the top finishers, there's something more important than just that. As a Peasant, you're out to earn the King's respect. If you finish the race, you will be knighted by the King of the Finger Lakes, and receive a certificate of knighthood, proving that you are, in fact, worthy!

Something unique. As part of your registration, you'll be asked to choose a charity toward which to donate a portion of your race fee. This is NOT an added cost... it is simply a part of the race fee that will be redirected. You'll also be encouraged to bring canned goods that we'll donate to regional food banks. Details are in the process.

Registration should open on September 1st for the new Peasantman Triathlons, visit the event website www.peasantman.com for details. Early bird discounts apply if you register before December 31st.