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Hector Picard, First Double-Arm Amputee To Finish an Ironman

hector picard imnycCan you imagine yourself participating in a sport that requires you to Swim, Bike and Run with no arms? Much less, a grueling race that consits of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run.

Well this past weekend quite an amazing feat to place at the inaugural Ironman U.S. Championship triathlon as Hector Picard becomes the first Double-Arm Amputee to finish an Ironman race. He finished his amazing challenge / experince in 16 hours and 42 minutes with the day's overall winner Jordan Rapp and the voice of Ironman Mike Reilly greeting him at the finish line. Proving once again that "Anything is Possible".

His swim in the Hudson River with the current was 59:53, which is quite amazing for someone with no arms. He managed to make the bike cutoff on the tough bike course which took him 8:20:45. He then goes out and finishes the 140.6 mile race with a 6:51:35 marathon.

Hector from Fort Lauderdale, 46, is no stranger to the sport of triathlon. Since 2009 he has about 60 completed triathlon under his belt. In 2011 he was on a quest to complete five Ironman 70.3's races across the country.

Here is a race recap in his own words:

"I did it, i am an Ironman! Other than the swim, the bike and run corses were the hardest that I've competed on. 2.4 mile swim in 59 minutes is not going to happen again. Very strong current and luckily didn't see any floating poo. I so underestimated the bike. I went hard on the first 56 miles with a 20mph average speed. I had to stop a lot to eat and cool off so the final stats show as slower. The next 56 miles my legs were shot. The hills were brutal. I hit 44 mph on one downhill. My fault that I didnt listen to my coach Anthony Carillo. Sorry Coach!"

"The run course was more of the same hills. Now I dealt with fatigued legs as well as blisters on both feet. Many times during this race the little voice in my head kept saying "let's quit and go get a beer" so I punched it in the mouth and finished this race. Thank you Matt Long and the I Will foundation for helping me reach my goal. Thank you coach Anthony Carillo for my great training and for helping me get to the finish line with my good friend Doug Tri Silk. Thank you Facebook friends for your positive vibes. And thank you to my wonderful wife Wendy Marquard Picard, babe seeing your face at the finish line makes it all worthwhile."

Picard, ran the race on behalf of his I Will Foundation. A non-profit organization established to help people, with the will to work hard, overcome adversity and challenges caused by life altering illness or traumatic injury.

hectorpicardswim.jpg hectorpicardbike.jpg

He joins a list of others that have accomplished similar feats, such as Scott Rigsby, the first double-leg amputee to finish Ironman Hawaii and Triple amputee Rajesh Durbal who also has completed the Ironman World Championship triathlon.

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For more information on Hector, visit www.dontstopliving.org or on Facebook. To learn more about the I WILL Foundation visit www.iwillfoundation.com.

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