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Could We See Triathlon Mixed Relay at Rio 2016 Games?

ITU President and Olympic Medalists call for Triathlon Mixed Relay at Rio 2016


Could we see the fast action of Triathlon Mixed Relay event at 2016 Rio Olympic Games, maybe. The Triathlon events in London proved to be very popular which could help the quest to see it in Rio. According to an article in Insidethegames, Marisol Casado, President of the International Triathlon Union (ITU), has called for a Triathlon Mixed Relay to be a feature at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Olympic star athletes Jonathan Brownlee and Lisa Nordén, both London 2012 individual medallists, have added their voices to Casado's call.

ITU's Triathlon Mixed Relay format is racing at its most thrilling. It's energetic, exciting, uncompromising and action-packed. This innovative format also known as 4XMixed Relay, comprises of two men and two women. Each athlete completes a 'super-sprint' triathlon of swimming, biking and running, before tagging off to their next team mate. It's non-stop action from the very beginning, and the pace is relentless. It is survival of the fastest.

This past weekend a stellar final leg from Jonathan Brownlee helped Great Britain defend its ITU Triathlon Mixed Relay World Championship in tough wet conditions in Stockholm.

"It's a very exciting event to take part of," Brownlee said. "It would be great if we could get into the Olympics as well. It is very exciting, it changes so much throughout the whole race and it's good to watch. It's great to be part of the Team GB again, to only have two world relay championships and to be part of both of them is pretty cool, hopefully I can keep it going."

It would give the Olympic Triathlon athletes another chance to represent and compete at the games.

After its huge success in Sweden, Casado, an International Olympic Committee (IOC) member, believes the sport should be included at the next Olympics.

The IOC Executive Board will ultimately decide whether or not to include the event at Rio 2016 when it meets next year.

You can read more about the call for Triathlon Mixed Relay at Rio 2016 here:
ITU President and Olympic medallists call for triathlon mixed relay to feature at Rio 2016 [via insidethegames.biz]

The mixed relay format was first introduced in 2006 in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary. The format however, was slightly different as the teams then comprised of three members, and they were not mixed between men and women. The Mixed Relay format was introduced in 2009, in Des Moines, USA with great success. Switzerland were crowned the champions on that day, outperforming what seemed an unbeatable Australian team.

1st Women: swim, bike, run
2nd Man: swim, bike, run
3rd Women: swim, bike, run
4th Man: swim, bike, run

It would be exciting to see more Triathlon exposure and coverage at the Olympics, which in turn would strengthen the sports popularity and maybe get new kids to try the sport. Track and Field as well as Swimming athletes have this opportunity, why not Triathlon. We'll just have hope and see...

Photo Credit: Delly Carr