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Celebrities Lined-up on the 'Starting Grid' of TriStar111 Monaco


Amongst hundreds of age group athletes, TriStar Monaco attracts every year a charming list of celebrities and VIPs, former professional athletes from many different sports and also currently active athletes from motor sports, cycling... For a day, both age groupers and professional triathletes share the exciting 'starting grid' of TriStar111 Monaco, known as the Formula 1 of Triathlon, with many famous people looking for fun-triathlon experience in one of the most glamorous and glittering spots in the world.

The TriStar111 Monaco triathlon takes place on September 2, 2012.

Celebrities, VIPs, Professional Triathletes and Age Groupers are ready to enjoy TriStar111 Monaco next Sunday, as individual starters or members of a Relay Team. All of them will have the same experience, from the start-line to the finish-line and well beyond, and the same racing opportunities as each athlete who joined the event.

The 111km of race (1km swimming, 100km cycling and 10km running) will be raced in its totality by celebrities such as Paul Belmondo (former F1 driver, athlete, actor and TriStar ambassador!) or Marc Toesca (TV French star). There are several former PRO cyclists who will enjoy this triathlon also from its start to finish, such as Christophe Agnolutto - winner of 'Tour de Suisse' and stage winner of the Tour de France or Geoffroy Lequatre (ex Cofidis, Radio Shack...). Former French rugby players Sébastian Viars and Stéphane Ougier will fight to become finishers of the TriStar111 Monaco as well.

15 minutes after the individual start at 8:00 this Sunday, the great moment comes also for more than 50 Relay Teams. Miss France 2011 Laury Thilleman, Rally driver Gilles Panizzi, German Mercedes GT racing driver Maro Engel or Australian former PRO cyclist Nick Gates. For the second year TriStar111 Monaco will be raced by "Champions for Peace" team, representing Peace and Sport organization, that partnered with TriStar Monaco promoting the practice of structured sport and sporting values to educate young generations and help foster social stability, reconciliation and dialogue between communities. Star Events, the company behind the TriStar series, proposes triathlon also as a team-sport accessible for everyone. The participants have the opportunity to discover it in a new eco-friendly and charity driven way.

There will be many professional athletes, too: the reigning champion Johannes Moldan, Alberto Casadei, Olivier Marceau, Rodolphe Von Berg Jr, Andi Fuchs, Domenico Passuello, Romain Cadiere, Nicolas Lebrun... or female triathletes such as Adeline Rausis, Lisa Hütthaler and Tine Holst, will be lined-up to fight for the victory in the most spectacular TriStar111 race of the season.

The 1km swim takes place in the Larvotto Bay, just off the Larvotto Beach in the Southeast of the Principality. The 100km bike leg will take athletes out of Monaco heading to Roquebrune and up the steep mountains of the hinterland. Breath-taking views and picturesque villages of the bike ride have always been the centrepiece of the triathlon in Monaco, and TriStar111 Monaco will take athletes to the most stunning places. The 10km run will be accomplished in two and a half loops on the world famous Formula 1 circuit featuring the Tunnel, the Port, the Gardens of the Casino and the hairpin bend.

Please visit www.tristar111monaco.com for more information and www.tristarlive.com for live coverage.