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TriDot Training System, New Option for Triathlon Training

TriDot Training System LogoThe Triathlon Training industry received a jolt with the latest release of the TriDot™ training system this summer. Already in use by over one hundred athletes through a Beta Launch that has been years in the making, the TriDot™ training system's latest release was officially launched in July of 2012. The innovative system offers Triathlon Coaching that mixes the personal touch of top of the line triathlon coaching, with the science of extensive research and data that comes from an Intelligent Design Process (IDP) that produces the optimized training programs built for athletes on the system.

"With the TriDot™ System," says TriDot™ Founder and CEO Jeff Booher, "The Triathlon Coaching world now has an option that allows coaches to deliver reliable, scientifically driven training plans to their athletes so that coaches can focus more on what they love most about coaching-the art of motivating, educating, and interacting with individual athletes. So many coaches spend a majority of their time doing training plan development, which takes away the time they can spend interacting with their athletes. Our system solves this problem and allows coaches to take on more athletes and devote all of their time to the human aspect of coaching."

The TriDot™ training system is a patents-pending technology and methodology for Triathlon Coaching that allows athletes to reliably receive training that is customized to fit their age, experience in the sport, performance ability, racing goals, and much more. Instead of relying on a random application of generic training principles, the TriDot™ System database and extensive algorithms assist coaches by producing training plans for each athlete based on data from thousands of training cycles of athletes that have already used the system. As the system grows, the training data continues to integrate the results of new athletes to produce more accurate results for training plan development. "The system will continue to improve, as more athletes join and add more data to the system. That is the beauty of the system," says Booher.

TriDot_Dashboard.pngThe TriDot™ System is self-adjusting and predictive, which gives athletes the option of benefit from system data with minimal coach supervision. In the lowest-priced package, athletes receive highly detailed and effective programs without having to pay the typical fees for frequent program adjustments. With enhanced packages, athletes receive access to one of TriDot™'s hand-picked coaches to receive the human element of coaching that is critical to athletic performance, including mental and emotional support and accountability. Booher explains: "To truly be great in a sport, every athlete needs a mentor and a guide, and in Triathlon, coaches fill this roll. While the training program is essential to success, it's the coach that ensures an athlete actualizes its benefits and maximizes their potential. This is where the art of coaching and the science of the TriDot™ System go hand in hand."

About TriDot:
The TriDot™ System is a one-of-a-kind, patents-pending triathlon training and racing system developed based on extensive and ongoing primary research since 2004. The TriDot™ System's Intelligent Design Process (IDP) is a data-driven process that produces optimized training programs built for each athlete that deliver maximum results per training hour invested. The result is: more performance gains and/or less training time. The TriDot™ System takes the guesswork out of triathlon training and racing.