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New HDX Hydration Mix Continues Growth & Expansion

hdx hydration mixHDX Hydration Mix, a natural powder beverage mix with an advanced electrolyte blend for maximum hydration, is pleased to announce their expansion into endurance sports and nutrition retailers across Southern California.

Already a fan favorite among the action sports crowd, HDX Hydration Mix is now being used by cyclists, triathletes and distance runners to stay hydrated and achieve key performance at races. Crossing over into the endurance sports and sports nutrition industries is a natural progression for the performance drink mix, which is rooted in action sports.

"As a small start-up, we're tremendously proud of our level of growth during the past year and our expansion and crossover into an exciting new vertical in the sports world," said Vipe Desai, founder of HDX Hydration Mix. "Endurance athletes are fueled by hydration and HDX Hydration Mix can provide a vital mix of nutrients needed to replenish their bodies before, during and after a workout. Moving into this new sports category is an organic next step and we're excited to provide maximum hydration benefits to as many people as we can."

HDX Hydration Mix is a powdered beverage drink mix made with natural ingredients that include electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals to keep you hydrated. Each HDX 'stick-pack' contains only 25 calories and no caffeine, making it a complete performance product for the modern athlete.

hdmdrinkmixpckg.pngThe drink mix also provides an eco-friendly solution for consumers who use portable, reusable water bottles to stay hydrated and are conscious of their use of plastic. Many endurance athletes are already relying on reusable bottles for their race day hydration strategy, making HDX Hydration Mix a natural fit for their active lifestyle.

"We've been selling HDX for a few months at our stores and have received a great response from our customers and team riders," said Mike Faello, Manager/Team Director for Surf City Cyclery. "HDX fills an important need in staying hydrated with a natural drink mix that is ready to go wherever and whenever a rider needs hydration. This is a must-carry product for any serious cycle store."

Desai added: "The basis for the entire HDX brand is simple: create a product that is good for people. One that helps them perform in whatever sport they are participating, as well as everyday life tasks, such as a full day of work. We set out to develop a functional drink that tasted great and was good for you, rather than being chalked full of sugar and caffeine."

HDX Hydration Mix is available at retailers across Southern California and can also be purchased online: www.hdxmix.com/go/shop/online.

About HDX Hydration Mix
HDX Hydration Mix is a powdered beverage drink mix made with natural ingredients and an advanced blend of key electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals for the modern athlete. When combined with water, HDX Hydration Mix provides multiple performance benefits for maximum hydration, making it a true sports performance drink providing four core functional benefits: hydration, strength, endurance and recovery. Each HDX "stick" contains just 25 calories and has no caffeine, and can be easily mixed into any reusable water bottle, making it the perfect eco-friendly hydration option. To join the healthy hydration movement, visit www.hdxmix.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.