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Heather Wajer's Kona Inspired Story, From 315 to 157 lbs

HeatherBeforeAfter.jpgKona Inspired, a program launched earlier this year from Ironman, is a platform that provides a venue for athletes to share their stories, but also puts the power in the hands of everyone in the endurance community. The ultimate process is to pick eight inspirational individuals to compete in the 2012 Ironman World Championship.

Check out this inspirational story of Heather Wajer, a triathlete from Northern California. In 2007 Heather found herself over 315 pounds after losing her mom to ALS and using food to cope. Heather started making small changes that led to big changes. She completely transformed her life by losing over half her body weight (157 lbs), giving up bad habits and becoming an Ironman.

Heather signed up for a sprint triathlon to keep her on track and help motivate her to add exercise to her weight loss program. By the time that first sprint triathlon came around she had lost 80 pounds. After that first triathlon, she fell in love with triathlon and continued signing up for more and more races. After a few races her mindset shifted from wanting to "just finish" to wanting to become an athlete and truly compete.

Knowing she needed more support to achieve those goals she started working with coach Lee Gardner from www.trismarter.com. Heather joined the Trismarter Tri2Lose program where they paired her with a coach and a nutritionist to help her lose another 80 pounds and become a fit and healthy athlete!

After training with Lee for several months Heather finished her first Ironman in 15 hours 7 minutes. A year later with a lot more focused training under her belt and a total weight loss of 157 pounds, She finished Ironman Canada in 13 hours 5 minutes. A personal best by over 2 hours!

HeatherNow2.jpgNow Heather has a new dream, to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. She's a finalist in the Kona Inspired contest. The Ironman folks are giving away a handful of slots to inspirational athletes who embody the mantra "Anything is Possible" Watch this quick 90 second video to see how Heather transformed her body and her life and then please vote and share the story on your Facebook, Twitter or wherever you are online so she can get to Kona to help inspire others! You can vote once a day by clicking "Vote for this" under the video through July 3, 2012.

Follow the link to see Heather's video and to VOTE for her.