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Drew Scott Captures 5430 Sprint Triathlon

5430SprintTriathlon12.jpgDrew Scott, 22, captured the 5430 Sprint Triathlon presented by Amica Insurance with an overall winning time of 1:06:08 on Sunday at the Boulder Reservoir. Drew, of Boulder, is the son of six-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott and the grandson of Verne Scott, a member of the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame.

"Both of my parents, along with my grandpa (Verne) have been extremely supportive with my racing," said Drew. "My dad is at nearly all of my races and my grandpa has always been there for the local events. They were both out there (at the 5430) giving me some encouragement along the way."

Drew turned in an impressive performance for his father and grandfather on Father's Day en route to victory.

"I was really pleased to take the win, especially since it was a local event in my hometown," he said, "I was about five minutes faster than I was two years ago and quicker across all three disciplines which is always good to see. I've had my first full year of triathlon under my belt now, and being consistent in my swim, bike and run training has made a huge difference for me. "

Drew's winning time was three minutes faster than the runner up, Boulder's Steve Johnson, who finished second with a time of 1:09:24. Brian Schanning, also of Boulder, took third (1:11:12).

Lisa Marangon repeated as the top female in 5430 for the second straight year. Marangon, a professional triathlete who hails from Australia, crossed the finish line in 1:16:36.

Nearly 1,300 athletes participated in the eighth annual 5430 Sprint Triathlon presented by Amica Insurance in Boulder, CO on Sunday.


1. Drew Scott 1:06:08
2. Steve Johnson 1:09:24
3. Brian Schaning 1:11:12
4. Spencer Tweed 1:11:24
5. Justin Little


1. Lisa Marangon 1:16:36
2. Danielle Kehoe 1:18:37
3. Taylor Fogg 1:18:57
4. Temple Hayles 1:19:01
5. Rebecca Witinok-Huber 1:19:08

The sprint triathlon consisted of a one-half mile swim, a 17-mile bike and a 3.1-mile run. The race kicked off with the swim in the Boulder Reservoir. The bike ride followed along a relatively flat course, given the surrounding terrain. The 3.1-mile run followed Reservoir Road toward the famous dams on the east side of the lake.

The 5430 Sprint Triathlon is part of the 2012 Amica Race Series, which includes nine sprint distance triathlons throughout the country. The events in Las Vegas, Knoxville, Charlotte and Boston also each include a half marathon, 10k and kids' fun run.

For more information or to register for any of the races in the 2012 Amica Race Series, visit www.amicaraceseries.com.