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Casadei, Martin, Win TriStar Salzkammergut Triathlon

ts111autCasadei12.jpgThe inaugural edition of the TriStar Salzkammergut took place in one of the most stunning landscapes in Austria, around the unique Attersee lake, and the strong pro field showed a great performance right from the start. The Inaugural winners were Italian Alberto Casadei and German Britta Martin, in one of the fastest TriStar races ever.

The stories in both categories unfolded pretty differently, though. Alberto Casadei took the lead right at the beginning of the race and kept it till the Finish Line at all times, and finished 4min38 before the rest of the field. Britta Martin, however, had to make sure to get a lead on the bike where the first five women did not want to let her go easily. She could pull away on the run in order to have a smooth victory at the Finishline, followed 1min23 by Lisa Hütthaler, who was second a few weeks ago at the TriStar Cannes.

In the male category there were many potential winners, and Casadei emerged from the water first in 14:18 after the 1km swim. He pulled away on the bike immediately and had a lead of 1:40 already after 10km on the bike. When coming back to transition 2, Casadei had opened the gap to almost 5 minutes already, and had a good run on the two identical loops of 5km to the Finishline. Casadei won the inaugural TriStar Salzkammergut - Attersee in 3:19:27. Zoltan Enczyszyn (GER) finished second in 3:24:05, and Austrian Daniel Niederreiter completed the podium in 3:24:33.

"There were perfect race conditions today, and once I was 30km into the bike, I started to feel very comfortable. I was told I had a lead of two and a half minutes, and by the end of the bike almost 5 minutes, so I enjoyed a nice run. I am happy to have won my first TriStar race today!" said a happy Alberto Casadei at the Finishline.

2012 TriStar Salzkammergut Results:
Salzkammergut, Asutria - June 3, 2012

Top 10 Men Results Time
Top 10 Women Results Time
Alberto Casadei 3:19:27
Britta Martin 3:31:30
Zoltan Senczyszyn 3:24:05
Lisa Hütthaler 3:32:53
Daniel Niederreiter 3:24:33
Katrin Lang 3:34:59
Johannes Moldan 3:25:28
Monika Stadlmann 3:41:58
Dejan Patrcevic 3:26:07
Heidi Sessner 3:43:22
Till Schramm 3:26:19
Judith Arndt 3:45:44
Tom Thalhammer 3:27:05
Gabriella Zelinka 3:45:58
Lothar Leder 3:27:52
Daniela Rechberger 3:46:26
Marin Kocei 3:28:12
Heike Priess 3:48:49
Andreas Trimmel 3:28:45
Barbara Tesar 3:50:15

ts11autMartin12.jpgBritta Martin was the fastest women at the TriStar111 Salzkammergut today in 3:31:30. The German lives in New Zealand and escaped the winter there to participate in her first TriStar race in Austria. She's already acquainted with the race's format as she also won TriStar Worms last year.

"I like cycling a lot and still it took some work to get away from the girls. Once I was over the climb on the run, the only thing I had on my mind was 'to run home'. It was a great race, if I could change one element, I would just add some more climbs on the bike to make it fit perfectly for me," Martin laughed at the Finishline. Austrians Lisa Hütthaler and Katrin Lang finished in 3:32:53 and 3:34:59 respectively.

The winners of the TriStar55.5 competitions were Austrians: Mario Siller who won the male competition in 1:40:32 and Sonja Schibich in the female category in 2:03:23.

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