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Triathlon America Renamed Triathlon Business International

tribizintlpromo.pngTriathlon America, an industry organization dedicated to promoting the sport and the business of triathlon, today announced it has expanded its organization to companies serving the triathlon industry around the world. As part of this effort, the organization has been renamed Triathlon Business International.

"When we first launched Triathlon America less than two years ago, we believed that US-based businesses serving the triathlon market were underserved and would benefit from their own industry association," said Jack Caress. "But triathlon is a global industry, and if we are truly committed to growing the sport and business of triathlon, it is essential that we expand our membership globally and facilitate opportunities to help our members grow their businesses internationally."

In the past year, Triathlon Business International has rolled out a number of resources and programs including a discount program for members, a certified retailer program and a comprehensive study conducted with Active Network of men and women participating in the sport of triathlon. Additionally, Triathlon Business International held its second annual industry conference and signed an agreement with the country's largest cycling show Interbike to create a 10,000 square foot space dedicated to triathlon.

As part of the launch of Triathlon Business International, the organization will explore additional opportunities to benefit members at trade shows and other events around the world. Additionally, Triathlon Business International will expand its board to include members based outside the U.S.

More information about Triathlon Business International can be found on its new website www.triathonbusinessintl.com.

About Triathlon Business International
Triathlon Business International is an industry organization dedicated to promoting the sport and the business of triathlon around the world. Founded by a group of industry leaders, Triathlon Business International advocates for the interests of triathlon businesses, provides educational and informative programs, and encourages increased participation in the sport. For more information, please visit www.triathonbusinessintl.com.
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