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Michellie Jones Endorses Speed Tunnel

Ironman World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist, Touts Mobility and Affordability of Innovative Wind Tunnel

speed tunnelThe Speed Tunnel was created to help professional athletes, weekend warriors, serious club racers, and enthusiasts get aerodynamically fitted and positioned. Greg Pickren, an avid cyclist and creator of the Speed Tunnel, went to a stationary wind tunnel for his own training and experienced amazing results. He knew that triathletes and cyclists spend countless amounts of time and money getting the best equipment and training. However, most athletes have never had the opportunity to perfect their position on the bike in a wind tunnel. Mr. Pickren was inspired to create the Speed Tunnel, a wind tunnel that comes to you at a fraction of the price. The best way to get the most out of every dollar spent on equipment is to make sure it is adjusted, fitted, and positioned correctly.

Ironman World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Michellie Jones recently announced her endorsement of the Speed Tunnel.

"We spend a small fortune on getting the right bike and hours in training, but it's the little extras that count," explains Jones. "Investing in a session inside the Speed Tunnel ensures you are maximizing your investment. The mobile Speed Tunnel can help you finely tune your real potential."

With each and every run, you see the results Immediately with our Speed Tunnel Aerodynamic Analysis Report. The report shows the cyclist's drag numbers at 5 yaw angles and 30 mph wind. Within the Speed Tunnel™, cameras are placed in the front, back, and side of the rider to take images of your session that document and provide a full spectrum of ride positions. Each report also includes a composite photo showing before-and-after positions from two separate runs overlaid onto each other to provide a true visual comparison.

mobile speed tunnel setup

The Speed Tunnel is the first fully mobile wind tunnel built exclusively for cyclists that utilizes industry standard 30 mph wind and provides yaw angle analysis. For decades, the cycling industry has understood the benefits of wind tunnel testing. However, the availability and expense of wind tunnels has limited their use to all but the most elite of racers and hardcore enthusiasts. The Speed Tunnel plans to begin organizing regional tours this year making wind tunnel testing affordable and readily available to cyclist and triathletes around the United States.

For more information on the Speed Tunnel visit SpeedTunnel.net, call John Salvatore at 727 499 6647 or email info@SpeedTunnel.net. The Speed Tunnel is owned by Tunnel Systems LLC., a Clearwater, Florida company.