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Fast Runs Help Bennett & Williamson Win Rev3 Knoxville

rev3knoxbennett12.jpgPerfect conditions greeted triathletes this morning in Knoxville for the Revolution 3 Triathlon, which featuered HalfREV and OlympicREV races. Fast runs propelled Greg Bennett and Kelly Williamson to victory in today's OlympicREV event.

Cameron Dye initiated the chase on the men's side, exiting the water first with Kyle Leto and Brian Fleischmann right behind him. Out on the bike, Dye maintained his lead on the 40km bike course, he was being pushed by Andrew Yoder, who had to make up precious time from the swim. Yoder finishes the day with fastest bike split of the day; he averaged 26.75 MPH on the bike and entered T2 right behind Dye. Bennett was third into T2, about 1:10 down on Dye. Dye maintained the lead on the run, but Bennett was in hot pursuit and cut the lead down to 15 seconds by mile 4 on the 10km run. Bennett, who is 40 and who can run, passes Dye for the lead and the eventual victory, edging out Dye by forty second. The same thing happened to Dye last year when Matty Reed passed him on the run for the win. Yoder hangs on for third.

2012 Revolution3 Triathlon Knoxville Results:
Knoxville, Tennessee - May 6, 2012

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Greg Bennett 1:47:02
Kelly Williamson 2:01:47
Cameron Dye 1:47:44
Lauren Goss 2:03:06
Andrew Yoder 1:48:13
Laurel Wassner 2:05:30
Kaleb VanOrt 1:49:16
Becky Lavelle 2:05:47
Chris Foster 1:49:34
Nicole Kelleher 2:05:53
Viktor Zyemtsev 1:50:48
Jessica Meyers 2:06:08
Ivan Kalashnikov 1:50:49
Sara McLarty 2:06:47
Richie Cunningham 1:51:06
Jennifer Spieldenner 2:07:08
David Thompson 1:51:09
Malaika Homo 2:07:17
Matty Reed 1:51:45
Sarah Gray 2:07:26

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The pro women started a minute behind the men but it was Sara McLarty who was exiting the swim with the last of the pro men and well ahead of the other women. Like in the men's race, McLarty was out in front in the women's race, initially 50 seconds ahead of Williamson, Becky Lavelle, Malaika Homo and Lauren Goss. The gap narrowed as they approached T2, but it was McLarty who still maintained a 35 second lead. Homo and Lavelle right behind her into T2 with Williamson about a minute down. McLarty was caught and faded against the fast women runners. Williamson gradually narrowed the gap, eventually taking the lead and extended it by well over a minute for the win.

Notable DNF's included Bree Wee who unfortunately called it a day after the swim.

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Photo Credits: Revolution3 Triathlon
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