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Guillaume & Pelletier Red Carpet Winners at TriStar111 Cannes

Romain GuillaumeThe inaugural edition of the TriStar Cannes triathlon was a great experience for over 1,000 athletes. The winners of this 'movie triathlon' in one of the most important European Cinema capital were two French 'actors': Romain Guillaume and Delphine Pelletier, the great protagonist of the day. The swim start was cancelled by the marshals because of high waves for security reasons. So triathletes started the race from the swim exit. 

Romain Guillaume takes the win in the first TriStar111 Cannes (3:31:03) in a very challenging bike course. Daniel Fontan, one of the best Italian long distance athletes placed second (3:33:32). Swiss Olivier Marceau, winner of three TriStar races (Monaco, Mallorca and Nevis) fighted hard trying to overtake Fontana, but the Italian pushed hard on the run and keeped the second position. Guillaume, second in TriStar Lyon 2011, showed a big smile after this important day. "It was my first victory ever as a profesional. I felt great since the begining of the race, beside Fontana. At the first hills I realized that I should ride faster to beat him. I pushed during the downhill and got more tan 4 minutes! After the second transition I tried to maintain the advantage running. I was very confident, and now I can only say thanks to all the supporters and to this organization; I love this format".

2012 TriStar111 Cannes Results:
Cannes, France - April 29, 2012

Top 10 Men Results Time
Top 10 Women Results Time
Romain Guillaume 3:31:03
Delphine Pelletier 4:00:07
Daniel Fontana 3:31:35
Lisa Hütthaler 4:02:37
Olivier Marceau 3:32:03
Jeanne Collonge 4:02:38
Patrick Jaberg 3:35:09
Gabriella Zelinka 4:15:32
Till Schramm 3:35:27
Constance Mochar 4:15:59
Joe Skipper 3:37:07
Marie Dessart 4:18:39
Benoit Augueux 3:38:22
Adeline Rausis 4:20:16
Frrederic Gauthier 3:38:46
Georgie Rutherford 4:21:25
Christophe Halleumieux 3:39:32
Andrea Haslebacher 4:24:10
Julien Plumer 3:42:57
Beatrice Richard 4:27:42

Full results and pictures at: www.tristarlive.com

Delphine PelletierIn the women's field, Delphine Pelletier (FRA) won for the inaugural edition of TriStar Cannes in the female category (4:00:07) before Austrian Lisa Hütthaler and Jeanne Collonge (FRA). It was a very exciting race with a great final sprint between Hütthaler and Collonge. "The cycling segment was quite tough and beautiful with some technical descents and hard ascents. It's a great pleasure to win in Cannes!" said Pelletier, exhausted from the effort.

Overall, the TriStar111 race featuring unique distances was well received for the first time in Cannes in the Côte D'Azur.

Italian Rodolphe Jr Von Berg and French Marjory achieved the victory on the TriStar55.5 Cannes triathlon.

When there is a triathlon close to Monaco, the famous Formula 1 drivers cannot be absent. The fastest pilots today were Alex Wurz who ranked 33th with 2:12:55 in the TriStar55.5 and Brazilian Lucas Di Grassi who finished 50th with 2:18:53. Jenson Button finally decided not to start the TriStar111 race.

Actor and driver Paul Belmondo, the TriStar Cannes Ambassador (314th overall) finished in 4:43:09 and achieved his goal: finish under 5 hours. Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg participated as a member of a team relay.

Romain Guillaume interview , winner of the inaugural TriStar111 Cannes 2012

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