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New iPhone App to Help You Breathe Strong

breathe strong iphone appIf you're partial to a bit of heavy breathing, then you'll want to check out this new breathing training App in the iTunes App Store called Breathe Strong. It was created by breathing training expert, Professor Alison McConnell, author of top selling book "Breathe Strong, Perform Better" (Human Kinetics Inc.). To get the most from this App you will need a breathing muscle trainer such as the POWERbreathe.

Used by professional athletes around the world, Breathe Strong training has created a revolution in sports and fitness. Why? Because it's scientifically proven to be the quickest and easiest way to improve your performance, and reduce perceived exertion.

In this comprehensive guide to "Foundation Training", the world's leading expert on breathing training shares her breathing training secrets with you. In the App, Professor Alison McConnell also provides an interactive OPTIMAL breathing pacer to help you train to the "MAX". Professor McConnell is author of "Breathe Strong, Perform Better", and creator of the market-leading POWERbreathe® breathing trainer.

If you already have a POWERbreathe®, then the new Breathe Strong App makes an ideal training companion. The App provides a comprehensive, but convenient guide to optimizing your breathing training with a breathing muscle trainer - it's packed with information and tips, and also provides a user programmable breathing pacer and counter. This function is not only useful for optimizing breathing training, but can also help build breathing control during other workouts. Using the pacer to regulate breathing during workouts builds good breathing habits, replacing the usual "puffing and panting" with deep, slow, controlled breathing.

McConnell provides some breathing training "top tips", drawn from 20 years of research, and over 15 years of working in elite sport. In this App you will discover the following secrets of OPTIMAL breathing training using a breathing muscle trainer:

  • • Optimal breathing technique
  • • Setting the training load
  • • Optimising repetition failure
  • • The influence of concurrent training
  • • Progressing training
  • • The Prof's 'Top Tips'

breathestrongimg2.png breathestrongimg3.png breathestrongimg4.png

The Breathe Strong iPhone app is available on iTunes (link) for $1.99.

In addition, the App provides an interactive OPTIMAL breathing pacer for use with a breathing muscle trainer that counts your training breaths, and paces your workout.

An Android version should be available within the next few weeks.

About Professor Alison McConnell:
Professor Alison McConnell is Professor of Applied Physiology at the Centre for Sports Medicine and Human Performance at Brunel University, London. Alison is the world's leading expert on breathing muscle training. Not only an accomplished academic she is also a successful inventor (www.powerbreathe.com). For more information on Alison please visit:
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