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Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference 2012-2013 Season

mwcc logoCollegiate triathlon clubs and teams in the Midwest region (North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin) will have six triathlon events to compete against each other in 2012-2013. The following triathlon races have been approved by the conference team representatives to be included in the Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MWCTC) race schedule for the upcoming 2012-2013 season.

The race schedule includes the new Rev3 Wisconsin Dells triathlon as well as established triathlon events that have an Olympic Distance triathlon event.

Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference 2012-2013 Season:

Date Triathlon Location Distance
May 20th Bluff Creek Triathlon Boone, IA Olympic
June 9th Elkhart Lake Triathlon Elkhart Lake, WI Olympic
June 23rd Quartermax Triathlon Innsbrook, MO Olympic
July 22nd Twin Cities Triathlon St. Paul, MN Olympic
August 5th Omaha Triathlon Omaha, NE Olympic
August 12th Rev3 Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin Dells, WI Olympic

To compete in these races as a scoring member of a conference club, make sure that your club is listed here and that you have an individual annual USA Triathlon membership before race day (one-day license not accepted). You must enter the Collegiate division of the Olympic distance races above.

About Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MWCTC):
The Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MWCTC), founded in 2006, began as an association of colleges and universities located in the Midwestern and Mideastern United States of America. In 2010 the large conference split into the Midwest and Mideast conferences, which are now governed separately. The MWCTC is officially recognized as the governing body for the sport of triathlon at the collegiate level in the Midwestern United States of America by USA Triathlon (USAT), the national governing body of triathlon in the United States of America. The commissioner of the MWCTC is currently located in Madison, Wisconsin USA.