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Ospaly & Haskins Defend St. Anthony's Triathlon Titles

sat12menstop3.jpgFilip Ospaly and Sarah Haskins today successfully defended their St. Anthony's Triathlon titles amongst and impressive field of professional triathletes. Some 80 pros were on hand for the 29th running of the St. Antony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida which included a $65,000 prize purse and points for the 5150 U.S Championship in Des Moines, IA.

New this year was a new swim start location to help combat the rough swims the event has experienced over the last years. The event had sunny skies and warm temps at the start of the race.

On the men's side, Joshua Amberger was the first to emerge from the 1.5km Swim with Cameron Dye close behind. Amberger, Dye, plus Ben Collins stayed out in front on the 40km Bike, entering T2 together. Collins had the overall fastest bike split of the day, a 53:09. Heading out of T2 Ospaly was nearly down two minutes on the lead group with Timothy O'Donnell about a minute and a half back, both in hot pursuit. Ospaly and O'Donnell chased down the leaders on the 10km Run and erased the gap. Ospaly had a slightly faster run than O'Donnell and enough to stay ahead of Collins for the victory. Collins holds on for second with O'Donnell taking 3rd and Amberger taking 4th.

Quoting Greg Bennett's day in St. Petersburg via Twitter "My day with race #13 , skin suit zip stuck = loose 30secs, bottle pops out = loose bottle + 1+min penalty, hit squirrel = dead squirrel!"

2012 St. Anthony's Triathlon Results:
St. Petersburg, Florida - April 29, 2012

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Filip Ospaly 1:45:50
Sarah Haskins 1:56:55
Ben Collins 1:45:59
Alicia Kaye 1:59:16
Timothy O'Donnell 1:46:04
Jodie Stimpson 1:59:37
Joshua Amberger 1:46:20
Annabel Luxford 2:00:07
Cameron Dye 1:47:01
Kelly Williamson 2:00:13
Terenzo Bozzone 1:47:16
Angela Naeth 2:00:19
Stuart Hayes 1:47:22
Jillian Petersen 2:00:48
Kaleb Vanort 1:47:30
Nikki Butterfield 2:01:35
Paul Matthews 1:47:43
Mirinda Carfrae 2:02:02
Chris Foster 1:47:47
Radka Vodickova 2:02:16

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On the women's side, Sara McLarty showed she's still fast in the swim, exiting the water first with a 19:10 swim. Defending champ Haskins was right behind her, only 3 seconds back. Alicia Kaye exited T1 nearly 1:30 down on the lead women but made up the difference with her fast bike split of the day, 0:58:44. Angela Naeth was the other woman to go sub 1 hour on the bike with a 0:58:44 split, but her four minute difference on the swim still had her two minutes down exiting T2. As in the men's race, it came down to the fastest runner towards the front and that was Haskins who was two minutes faster that Kaye. Haskins ends up crossing the line with a commanding lead for her fourth consecutive St. Anthony's Triathlon title. Kaye hangs on for second and Jodie Stimpson grabs third. Kelly Williamson had the fastest women's run split with a 34:26 but was farther back in the field due to a slower bike split compared to the lead women.

Dan Hedgecock of Minneapolis won the Men's' Elite race 1:53:15while Linda Robb of Florida won the women's division in a time of 2:09:38

Notable DNF's for the day include Bevan Docherty and Rebeccah Wassner.