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Hauss, Tremblay Win Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup

itu wc ishigaki haussFrance's David Hauss allowed his brilliant run to carry him to his career first ITU World Cup victory, after he made up a 50-second deficit from T2 to win the 2012 Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup on Sunday. The other two podium spots were filled by a pair of breakthrough performances - Italy's Davide Uccellari finished four seconds behind Hauss for silver while Gonzalo Raul Tellechea of Argentina took the bronze.

Hauss was among the leaders after the swim and was part of a seven-man breakaway that led the field for almost five laps. After being reeled in, another group of five surged away in the late stages of the bike leg and took a 50-second lead into T2. But the five weren't in front for long as Hauss quickly overtook four members of that group, Cameron Good, Jack Hickey, Bruno Matheus and Kohei Shimomura.

It then just took him another five minutes to push past Ryosuke Yamamoto, and from there he cruised home for his first major ITU win. He said before the race his goal was to win, but he said afterwards it was actually taking the pressure off that allowed him to glide past the field.

"I did it, I said it yesterday and I did it today, for sure it's a great day for me," Hauss said. "I'm really happy to win this race, I was really pushing hard on the swim to try to breakaway and that's what I did, then we worked really hard on the bike but behind was faster than us, so after the bike, I thought it would be really hard for me but I thought I'm not pressured so I have to try to go as fast as I can. I was in good shape and was flying, so after two laps I controlled the race, I really enjoyed the last lap. Finally I did it."

While he comfortably ran away to the win, the battle for podium places behind Hauss became really interesting when Italy's Davide Uccellari, Argentina's Gonzalo Raul Tellechea, Germany's Christian Prochnow, Ivan Ivanov, Reto Hug and Tyler Butterfield started to run through the field. It ended up being a breakthrough result for Uccellari, whose run split was even faster than Hauss', at 30 minutes and 42 seconds, as he claimed silver.

"In the second part of the race I stayed in the first group in the bicycle I didn't expend energy and in the run, I used all the energy I have," he said. "The medal is a very nice present for me, for my family, for my my girl, for me team. For the Italian Federation. It is the best result of my life, after the second in the European Championship, but in the World Cup its the best result of my life."

The weather was warm by the time the men hit the water at 3.45pm local time in Ishigaki, and Richard Varga, Andrey Bryukhankov and Denis Vasiliev led out the first lap of two before a group of eight athletes exited the water within ten seconds of each other.

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2012 Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup Results:
Ishigaki, Japan - April 22, 2012

Elite Men Results Time
Elite Women Results Time
David Hauss (FRA) 1:50:06
Kathy Tremblay (CAN) 2:05:38
Davide Uccellari (ITA) 1:50:10
Aileen Morrison (IRL) 2:05:58
Gonzalo Raul Tellechea (ARG) 1:50:19
Sarah-Anne Brault (CAN) 2:06:03
Christian Prochnow (GER) 1:50:25
Gillian Sanders (RSA) 2:06:30
Ivan Ivanov (UKR) 1:50:30
Annamaria Mazzetti (ITA) 2:06:48
Reto Hug (SUI) 1:50:33
Yuka Sato (JPN) 2:06:54
Tyler Butterfield (BER) 1:50:36
Kathrin Muller (GER) 2:07:05
Brent McMahon (CAN) 1:50:36
Anna Burova (RUS) 2:07:20
Ryosuke Yamamoto (JPN) 1:50:40
Pamela Oliveira (BRA) 2:07:24
Harunobu Sato (JPN) 1:50:50
Elizabeth Bravo (ECU) 2:07:30

itu wc ishigaki tremblayCanada's Kathy Tremblay credited her first ITU World Cup win to a new mindset, after she ran away from the field at the 2012 Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup in Japan on Sunday.

Tremblay was one of the first out of the water on the small Japanese island, rode in the lead pack of 23 for the seven-lap ride, before making her move out of T2.

She quickly blew away the rest of the field, and went on to win by 20 seconds ahead of Ireland's Aileen Morrison, her second consecutive silver medal in Ishigaki. Sarah-Anne Brault ensured it was a banner day for Canada, claiming bronze and her first trip to the World Cup podium.

"I just think I'm going to cry in five minutes from now when I've realised what happened today, because in 17 years that has never happened to me, but I guess you know nothing is taken for granted. If it happened today it's because I worked really hard. I do have a lot of respect for all my competition because I know they do work as hard as me, but I guess today I was just able to put it all together," said Tremblay.

"I owe a lot to my coach and my boyfriend, because without those two guys in my life I wouldn't be here today. I'm really healthy in my mind and when you are well in your head, your body is well and we've been doing great training together. I just have fun, I play triathlon now instead of taking it too seriously, and it just seems to be working, so I'm really really happy," said Tremblay.

The win also helped Tremblay's own and Canada's Olympic ambitions. After edging herself onto the Olympic simulation with 8th at the Sydney WTS, the points from the Ishigaki win should see her jump at least another 10 places on the Olympic qualification points list, which means Canada are now in a good position to send two women to London. Before Sydney, Canada only had one spot, the place qualified by Paula Findlay.

The 29-year-old led the field from the swim exit into T1, but 15 other women all emerged from the water within 16 seconds of each other, including Melanie Annaheim,, Kathrin Muller, Elizabeth Bravo and Brault, to make it a busy T1. The one notable who missed the pack was Ai Ueda, who was wearing the #1, and exited almost two minutes down from the leaders and faced a significant deficit.

From there, a few smaller packs merged into one leading group of 21. Over laps two and three out of seven, Annamaria Mazzetti and Chantell Widney closed a 30-second gap to make the leading pack 23. Behind them a group of four worked together, including Carlyn Fischer, Zsofia Kovacs, Tamsyn Moana-Veale and Marta Jimenez, but entered T2 a minute and a half down, while Ueda rode the entire 42km solo and started the run about three minutes behind the leaders.

Tremblay took control of the run from the very first lap, while behind her Morrison and Brault jostled for the other podium places. South Africa's Gillian Sanders and Mazzetti also ran through the field, they couldn't do enough to catch the two in front who went toe-to-toe for almost the entire 10km. It was Morrison's second consecutive podium in Ishigaki, and she said a missed chance in T2 hurt her chances to win.

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Source: Internation Triathlon Union