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Star Events USA &TriStar Athletes Announce Partnership

Customized coaching, testing and nutrition strategies is now available to athletes seeking to enhance their performance in TriStar Triathlon and GranFodo USA events.

tristar partnershipStar Events USA, owned by Star Production of Monaco, welcomes Connecticut based TriStar Athletes to its portfolio of high quality triathlon, cycling and running events in the USA. Now, with the expertise of TriStar Athletes, their esteemed coaches, testing centers and custom training platforms, Star Events athletes can benefit from the knowledge and tools to enhance their TriStar or GranFondo USA experience.

"We are very excited to work with Star Events and support the great line-up of triathlons and cycling events hosted in the U.S. The timing is also right to offer new distances such as the signature TriStar111 format. We believe Star Events is pioneering a new style of racing that is fun and offers an overall great experience. As always, our athletes are looking to challenge themselves, raise the racing bar if you will and we want to prepare them the best we can. Our staff will be working to expand the training opportunities around the Star Events series," says Cliff Scherb, Founder and Principal Coach of TriStar Athletes LLC.

Known for their high quality coaching and education-rich tools, TriStar Athletes supports athletes of all abilities offering personal training and online plans to accommodate busy schedules. The primary focus is to build knowledge and increase achievements through personalized race preparation. All coaches are certified by USA Triathlon and bring international racing experience and expertise across all race distances.

"Aligning with TriStar Athletes was a natural fit to expand our services and guide athletes of all abilities to an endurance path that suits their goals. Star Events brings expertise and excellence in event management and bringing new format choices to the market. This caliber of expertise exudes from Cliff and his team and as this partnership builds, we're eager to help individuals become champions and have fun at the same time," says Lindsey Kurhajetz, General Manager, Star Events North America. As the GranFondo USA series and TriStar triathlon continue to grow in the U.S. TriStar Athletes will remain focused on building its specialized programs to support Star Event's fun-focused formats. To learn more about TriStar Athletes programs, please visit: www.TriStarAthletes.com.

About Star Events
The TriStar and GranFondo World labels are presented by Star Events, a Monaco based company specializing in organizing high quality sports events that are focused on fun, social responsibility and environmental protection. More info: www.star-events.cc

About TriStar Athletes
TriStar Athletes coaches are USA Triathlon (USAT) Certified with experience across all levels and distances of triathlon and have competed across the USA and internationally. Coaching staff and team background includes Olympians, world class cyclists and Ironman World Champions. Beyond race experience our coaches are USAT certified and also certified as bike fitters from Slowtwitch.com (F.I.S.T). Training for a first triathlon or building to a personal best. TriStar Athletes offers online training programs and one-on-one coaching to achieve endurance goals for events of all distances and styles.