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QT2 Systems Launches QT2 Calculator Triathlon iPhone App

QT2 CalculatorQT2 Systems has launched QT2 Calculator, the first iPhone / iTouch app calculator that projects an individual's triathlon race performance and determines appropriate, personalized training ranges. Jesse Kropelnicki, founder of QT2 Systems and developer of the original Triathlon Calculator says, "Triathletes put a great deal of time and focus into their race preparations, and should always be well aware of where they stand, with regard to their racing goals. This new software will help them to be more in tune with the progress that they are making, and further motivate them to achieve their goals."

The triathlon calculator is a one-of-a-kind application that will estimate your triathlon race outcomes based on 7 key inputs that come from your training. This tool will estimate any race distance, and take into account different course types. The tool will also give you race pacing and training zone recommendations including power on the bike. Stop guessing how you may perform and use this application to help guide your training and racing.

Inputs include:
• Performance Inputs - Body Weight, Bike Test Wattage, Run Time
• Training Volumes - Swim, Bike, Run Yardage / Mileage and Experience
• Race Distance - Swim, Bike Run Distances and Course Profile

The QT2 Calculator with all those key inputs will provide the end user with an estimated race finish time, including projected times for each discipline.

QT2apppimg1.jpg QT2apppimg2.jpg QT2apppimg3.jpg

The QT2 Calculator iPhone app is available on iTunes (link) for $1.99.

QT2 Systems is a world-class coaching & nutrition services group, as well as a professional/elite and age group triathlon team. All of the QT2 coaches are extensively trained in the protocols that have been developed and implemented within the QT2 training philosophy. For more information go to our website at www.qt2systems.com.

The iPhone app was developed with the help from Triessential.com, which provides tips, inspiration, and education through its blog and triathlon iPhone app. In addition, the company develops content and mobile solutions for companies targeting the endurance sports market. For more information, go to www.triessential.com.

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